Pick a woman, any woman but make sure it is a woman…

Why N.O.W. are looking annoyed at Obama.

One thing about equality is it is a non-gender based word – well at least it is to me and most of the people I know. As I look at it in such a way I see not a man, not a woman, but the best person for the job – is that too hard?

Not only is it not a word with hanging bits or bits inside – it is a word that doesn’t have any colour – it has a meaning, and that meaning to me is that people, no matter what their gender, race or colour are in fact equals – not that this has always been the case.

So, why is the women’s group pissed at Barack Obama?

He didn’t pick enough women for his cabinet. I was slightly bemused at that one.

The reason for this un-unique bemusement is that women have said for so long, and rightly so, that women who are the best at the job go either un-noticed or just ignored because of their gender. This is the dysfunctionality of equal rights, not that it isn’t needed, it is – obviously, but if a person picks another person who they feel is the right person for the job – someone else is going to disagree, but based on what?

The only way one can chose someone else is on what you have in mind for the future and you pick the person who you feel will aide you to that goal. But from what I read N.O.W. are just simply disappointed because they backed Obama and, as far as I can tell,wanted some payback for it. But doesn’t that fly in the face of what Obama said during the campaign?

“When you are looking at a Cabinet and you have such a small number of women in the room when the big decisions are being made, there need to be a lot more women’s voices in this administration,” said Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women.

What I don’t get is this:

That’s because of Obama’s 20 announced Cabinet-level posts, five went to women: Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano as homeland security secretary, Sen. Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, Rep. Hilda Solis as labor secretary, Susan Rice as United Nations ambassador and Lisa Jackson as Environmental Protection Agency chief.

One fifth of the cabinet are women, some with the highest jobs in the land – so what more does Obama have to do? By the way, other have criticised Obama for not having enough Latino’s.

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0 Responses to Pick a woman, any woman but make sure it is a woman…

  1. jonolan says:

    That’s OK; the queers are whining because Obama didn’t pick any of them. None of them seem to be able to identify a qualified, openly gay person for any of the positions though.

    I lot of people seem to have thought that “Hope and Change” meant a removal of Straight, White, American Men form government.

  2. kennedy121 says:

    Wow, nice comment above regarding the ‘queers’, ‘whining’…

    “One fifth of the cabinet are women, some with the highest jobs in the land – so what more does Obama have to do?”

    Well considering 50% of the population are female, perhaps give 50% of positions to women. This then would have the effect of promoting issues that effect women, and perhaps remove some of the barriers they still face in seeking public office.

    The best countries for gender equality strategies in the western world are the Nordic nations. Norway made it legal back in the 70s that the critical minimum for female representation in parliament was to be 30%. I think now its pretty much split 50/50, which has had a corresponding effect on women’s employment and childcare issues (basically it’s lead to policies which mean now 80% of women are employed, have access to free childcare, and men are no longer seen as the ‘breadwinner’). Britain and the US are the most regressive when it comes to these issues, as usual and it’s down to the liberal-economic mindset of our socio-political set up.

    But yeah, the Scandinavians know what they’re doing on this issue as well as the Spanish. Their secy of defence is a woman and women make up about 60% of the cabinet if I remember correctly.

  3. Catherine says:

    This is why I refuse to label myself a feminist: because it would lump me in with these nutcases. The idea that women should get more jobs just because they are women is just as sexist as doing it the other way around. The majority of politicians in this country continue to be men. That means Obama had a larger pool of men than women to choose from.

    One of these wackos told me before the primary election that I was betraying my gender if I didn’t vote for Hilary. Great, now I’m supposed to cast my vote according to biological plumbing. That makes women look real responsible. (/sarcasm)

  4. George Marshall says:

    The notion that Obama “owes” anything to anyone, that he should select or nominate anyone because of their gender, party affiliation, philosophy, life style, religion, or anything else other than their experience and talent for a position is absurd.

  5. jonolan says:


    Why “fear quote” queers? That’s their own designation for themselves. Trust me on this; I got royally chewed out or my “heterosexual bias” for say homosexuals instead.

  6. ReyMac says:

    One-fourth of the Cabinet are women, and didn’t he also upgrade Susan Rice’s position to Cabinet-level? And have we forgotten the Senior Advisor to the President, Valerie Jarrett? Everyone is complaining about his appointments, which usually means he’s doing something right.

  7. JD says:

    So woman want more women so as to strike equality. However, if women and men are to be treated as equals why does it matter if a man or a woman gets the job, they are both the same in the name of equality. So it shouldn’t matter what gender gets the job, right?

    Some people are never satisfied, geez, Hillary is SECRETARY OF STATE, basically our ambassador and negotiator to the rest of the world. a pretty high post wouldn’t you say? Along with a woman as Head of Homeland Security. C’mon already, the ladies have a lock on some top spots!

  8. Sad to think that Obama will appointment less women to his cabinet than George Bush. Not much of a President of change if you ask me.

    As a feminist I want my government to represent our population (over half of our population are women), and actually I want them to represent me, my mother, your mother, your daughters, my granddaughters. Isn’t that what they are suppose to do. Represent us, and what is best for the people of our country. Personally I am afraid of relying on men to create legislation for women. And the reason for this is that they have not done such a good job in the past. Left to their own devices women would still not be allowed to vote. And while not every woman appointed or elected to office may help or hender women’s rights, a few more women might.

  9. Dylan says:

    As a woman I feel outraged (well, embarrassed really)that there are woman promoting woman and campaigning for woman, just BECAUSE they are woman. Really, it is so “70’s” and I’m old-ish, (53)so I while I DO respect our recent cultural history, the whole point was to move beyond those societal/prejudicial binds, NO?

    Further, I’m outraged, and (again) embarrassed, when ANY spin revolves around our new “Black” president. With all due respect; I’m weary and sick of it. We don’t have time for it. The planet is spinning in space, and we are on a perilous life raft. Our history is replete with hatred, war, aggression and just plain negativity. So, while I hate to put too much pressure on our newly elected president-we need to look at the person for what they do, how they walk through life and their motivations. To the Job. Period, end of story.

  10. raycar says:

    Catherine – George Marshall – Dylan – These people all have it right. This is not an affirmative action program it is the selection of who the president elect feels is best qualified to be on his cabinet and advance the country in a new and exciting direction. – raycar – San Jose, CA

  11. Bob says:

    I think all of these special interest (women’s, homosexuals, etc.) groups that are complaining about not being adequately represented are a joke. It seems they are never satisfied. They are the ones who are completely intolerant of people that have a different view than them. I say everything should be based on merit. Don’t even bring all of these other factors into the equation.

    Every time somebody who is appointed/elected to a political office who isn’t a homosexual, minority, and a woman brings about complaints from all of these groups. The problem is that it isn’t ‘politically correct’ to disagree with them. I am surprised they aren’t crucifying Obama for being a straight, male, part white politician.

  12. lunawolf says:

    Yeah, I’d say look at the positions themselves. He’s filled some pretty hefty ones with women. I’d be pissed if he had posted men in the most important five positions and then had fifty women doing the fringe stuff. It’s about Quality, not Quantity.

  13. USMC VET says:

    Obama is only half black,ok? I don’t care who he appoints because he is still a socialistic,racist idiot;who brings as much expierience to the job as I do.

  14. Eddie says:

    I’m curious as to why he’s getting questioned at all… If you look at the Senate and the House, the percentage of females holding seats is 18.5% and 16%, roughly. Now I know Obama can chose from other sources, but let’s widen that margin to 14-20%. Now 25% of his cabinet is women. His percentage is beyond the average for public office.
    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not agreeing that the average should be that low in the first place. I wish it was higher. But we can’t start putting a mandate on the number of positions a group should hold, as Kennedy recommended.
    The people choose. We chose Obama, I think his choices are right on target. Would I have picked my cabinet differently? Sure. But no one voted “Eddie for President.”

  15. lunawolf says:

    usmc vet. Wow. Are you really still making that argument? It died out with the Palin crowd. If he’s so racist and socialist, tell me, why did he win the Independent and moderate votes? Did those people, who had been leaning more Republican the last few years, suddenly read the Communist Manifesto and have seen the light or something? Then they rushed out in numbers never seen before and voted for a racist socialist. Riiiiiiight.

    Anyway, thank you for your service to our country, despite your misled opinions.

  16. jonolan says:


    Obama didn’t win the Independent and moderate votes, McCain did by a fairly narrow margin based on what exit data we have so far from not-too-partisan sources.

    But anyway…USMC VET – Hurah! – i can get behind Socialist, bur racist? Aside from essentially disavowing his White heritage, how has he acted in a racist manner? I despise the man as a politician myself, but let’s not jump at shadows.

    And before you go off on the “disavowing his White heritage” as having proved his racism, think about mulattoes’ lives in the US…

  17. USMC VET says:

    So both of you must be those ”typical white people” he was talking about.What if I said a typical black man wore his pants to his knees, smokes dope and has a couple baby mamas with about 10 kids between them. I think you know what would happen between sharpton and jacksons dumbasses. And yes he is an idiot because there are apparently 57 states in his mind. I suggest both of you shut up, sit back and let obama redistribute your paychecks as he sees fit.

  18. kennedy121 says:

    “I say everything should be based on merit. Don’t even bring all of these other factors into the equation.” – Bob

    The thing is, people approach this with an ahistorical understanding of female, homosexual, racial etc oppression. I’m a white male, sure I want everyone to be picked on merit, but actually, if I was just self interested as it seems a lot of people here are, I’d be happy with the status quo as I’m doing very well out of it. Why is it that there are only 18% or so of the US representatives who are females? Could it be that women are still seen as child rearers and men the bread winners, relegating women to a position at home rather than in public life? In Some countries, both men AND women earn in a household and they get free child care… this then means women have more opportunit to go to work or enter public life. You can’t have a meritocricy if certain sections of society have their legs tied at the starting line. Social frameworks and attitudes have to change in a big way before there is real equality and people from formerly repressed sections of the community can stake a claim.

  19. oakdaddy says:

    get pissed, but get back to cooking and having the babies…or else pay your child support and car insurance—now you’re an honorary man…

  20. oakdaddy says:

    If you disagree…take the hard courses…engineering..not social work

    be a doctor instead of a nurse (IT’S A PUSSY MAGNET!)

    Damn, you women are so cool…your motives are impossible to penetrate…

    like your hot cornholes!!!

  21. jonolan says:


    I’d say you were over-generalizing the situation. As for your other assertions, you and I are not in disagreement, except possibly by degree.


    You bring up a valid point, but would starting at the top in some misguided affirmative action be the right solution? If things are as you say, then there are probably fewer equally qualified female and minority applicants for those Cabinet positions due to these people not being able to “get a leg up” in the first place.

    Do we really want less able people in the Cabinet just to satisfy some idea of “social justice?”

  22. sandy valencour says:

    Look, this man if facing problems the likes of which this country has never faced. As a woman, I don’t give a damn who he appoints as long as it works to put this country back together and become the great country it once was many years ago. Obama does not OWE anyone anything. Even before being sworn in, he has done more than anyone in the same president elect status.
    As far as gays. Get off their ass. In time, I am sure there will be representative on board. This is not a gay bashing article and I for one don’t appreciate the igonorance and hatred toward them.
    Women should get behind Obama as it is a bigger picture than they realize. And ya wonder why they call us whinny bitches…classic example. We should be happy his team is diverse and he is doing the best he can. He WILL NOT make everyone happy and that, my friends is just life.
    The comments above prove why women want more women in the cabinet,,,,ignorant men. We are really tired of hearing your shallow whinning about everything as it does show ignorance in politics and women issues. So please stick to the subject and stop the bull throwing, if possible.
    As far as being a vet, shame on you. I was a vet rep for many years and none of my marine or any other branch of vets ever bad mouthed any president, sitting or retired. I fought against the vietnam war in my lowly capacity and blamed government but none of my vets did. Those that served, did just that. I fought for their rights and promises from the government. You sit and spew ignorance about a man you don’t know. Have you never heard, there is no color in a foxhole???? I am so ashamed of you as a vet and a human. Stop with the color thing. It sure doesn’t affect his intelligence as so it is proven by the ignorance of John McCain, which I know personally and the “great leader” now sitting in the white house…stupid is the only word I know for this pathetic man.
    Ya all get off your brains as it is struggling for oxygen so it can think. Stop with hate. We are all Americans and I do mean ALL AMERICANS. We turned the country over to the Republicans and look what happened. Only took 8 years to destroy us all that make under a million a year. Stick to the subject and fall of the soap boxes. And by the way, I am not happy with everything Obama has done but I do believe he does want the best for this country and will do all he can to bring peace and prosperity to us. He can’t do it alone and we all should be helping, not bitching and whinning. The country belongs to us, even to the igonorant.

  23. lunawolf says:

    Hey vet, have you been to the VA lately? I think you should go get checked out, it looks like you’re foaming at the mouth.

    I take back my thanks, I would rather not have a nut like you defending my country.

  24. lunawolf says:

    The Pew credits Obama with the moderates, and when I find the article that I read in November that has more detail, I’ll post it. I think it was called, “Obama wins moderate, independent vote.”

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