Jailed for wearing a head-scarf

And being jailed shook her to the core.

I think that this is the case every time – being jailed isn’t a nice thing for anyone.

At the jail down the street, Valentine had to change into a jumpsuit. Her mug shot was taken — without her head scarf.

She was let out of jail later that day. Her attorney, M. Khurram Baig, said he does not know why she was released so quickly.

“It’s been devastating for her,” Baig said. “We’re talking about a major life-altering event for somebody to realize that everything they thought they knew about our justice system may not actually be the case. So she’s been shook to her core.”

Douglasville authorities describe the day’s events somewhat differently.

I’ll bet they do!

But is it a matter that their should be a dress code for people entering a court? I would say no – but that is just me. Blind justice and all that. How many judges see it that way we can only speculate.

In a news release, police said Valentine repeatedly used the expletive [bullshit], told the bailiff that the judge was “racist,” pointed her finger toward the officer, and “became loud enough that she attracted the attention of another officer.”

The news release said an officer did tell Valentine she could not leave, “and placed her hand on Mrs. Valentine’s wrist.”

“Mrs. Valentine resisted the officer’s efforts by stiffening her arm, but did not physically fight with the officer,” the release said.

When Judge Keith Rollins was told of the incident, the news release said, he ordered her jailed for 10 days.

Well, she was out of jail the same day – but…

The Douglasville Police Department said Monday its officers will undergo “sensitivity and cultural diversity training”

…at least there will be training.

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0 Responses to Jailed for wearing a head-scarf

  1. Jon says:

    As a person who works security in a muslim country we have encountered similar cases, before they can enter the building with their hijab they are screened my a female security person in an enclosed room. After they are screened thoroughly they can enter the building freely. I don’t think that security should be dismissed but there are ways to enforce security protocoll with out interferring with a persons personal beliefs.

  2. ray says:

    people…. im not sure even why this has made national headlines….
    there is a seperation of church and state… this includes but is not limited to the courthouse.
    My only question is why are we “US Citizens” constantly made to change for others?
    Headscarf or not, the judge made it clear and the person cannot use their “religion” as a crutch to wear what she and or he wants thus making everyone else change. Wake up America!!

  3. Jamie Mathis says:

    As far as we know, this was a test from extremist muslim groups to see if bombs can be smuggled into court via head scarfs (great job officers).

    Listen up everyone….the extremist groups use our freedoms against us, train in our schools, learn to fly in our very own country and look what happened. Moral of the story, smuggling in bombs via head scarfs and relying on American’s to feel awkward about asking to see under it is EXACTLY what they WILL use against us. The extremist have proven to be clever in this and we must stand up and say no more.

    Promote those officers I say, for a job well done. Do we really have to wait for a bomb to go off via head-scarf before we ask the head-scarf to be removed? absolutely not. I remove my shoes in the airport…don’t let religion cloud the issue…

    Security first….

  4. Matt says:

    LOL She wore it for modesty?? Glad to see it didn’t keep her from cussing like A truckdriver though. This PC crap is getting carried away. It is just another reason for these people to have something to complain about. Get over it and follow the law of the land or gog live with your muslim peeps ok.

  5. Some thought says:

    wow, that was really sad to read what you wrote there, Jamie Mathis im guessing you’re not religious or probably havent travel anywhere outside your home town to see how america has changed. stop living in fear, why do you think these ppl dont like you? stop watching fox news my friend.

  6. rlp-politcal says:

    why we never read about a black person doing something to a white person that may seem racist or if the black person thinks they are better than whites.

    Same reason we needed civil rights laws for some to treat others as human.

    Go figure

  7. Michael says:

    Nice to see some sense in some of these comments. This lady was not jailed for wearing a head-scarf! Please quit with the lies. She was jailed for resisting a police officer.

    Sensitivity training which the foul mouthed victim will also be attending isn’t a bad thing. But it is just an out to avoid ridiculous law suits or attention.

    I believe she should have been searched and allowed in. But if no head coverings are allowed in the building then she should not have been allowed entry if she wouldn’t take it off.

  8. eksith says:

    Here’s the real heart of the matter :

    “Courts can say you have to take a head scarf off for a driver’s license photo because there is a public interest in making individuals clearly identifiable,” Toobin said. “The government interest in removing a head scarf to enter a courtroom, I think, is much thinner.”

    The ID issue is a matter of common sense as far as I can see. It’s to identify the individual and not his/her faith.

    Though I completely disagree with his tone, I think Matt has a point. If she wore it for modesty, then what’s with the cursing?

    The arrest might have been completely unnecessary, but both parties made fools of themselves.

    It was stupid to even bring attention to it. They should have just checked and let her keep the hajib while she should have cooperated.

    Once again, pride overrules better judgment.

  9. MattK says:

    Actually it seems like she was being issued a citation if not being arrested for swearing. In my opinion that is BS. The resisting arrest thing was an exrta charge. She should have been told she would need to be checked and the cops should have used discretion. More should be expected from our police force than the average citizen so I find the officer more at fault. Discretion seems to have been lost in the 21st century.

  10. lunawolf says:

    To Ray: “the judge made it clear and the person cannot use their “religion” as a crutch to wear what she and or he wants…”
    ~Right. People use Islam to wear whatever they want. I would use the LDS church to wear those undergarments they put on the women. Or maybe Buddhism for a pretty monk’s robe.
    Yes, religious dress is such a crutch. Thank you for pointing that out.

    Jamie: “The extremist have proven to be clever in this and we must stand up and say no more.”
    ~I hope you really don’t believe that she was carrying a bomb under her headscarf. Otherwise, you are proving that these “clever” extremists are so much cleverer than you.

    Jon: “I don’t think that security should be dismissed but there are ways to enforce security protocoll with out interferring with a persons personal beliefs.”
    ~Thank you for your sensibility and common sense. It baffles me that the US has a reputation of being the leader of the free world without actually letting people from different cultures be free from this kind of bullshit in this country.

  11. lunawolf says:

    Most courtrooms have metal detectors these days, don’t they? So if she goes through one, why should she be subjected to a search of her headscarf if people wearing baggy sweaters or pants aren’t subjected to further search? It’s not a security issue, that’s a lazy excuse.

  12. John says:

    Some of the comments on here is just absolute BS, this poor lady was subjected to racism and of course she is muslim so what chance has she got to justice? Thats what happens after 8 years of George Bush putting Fear in your heart.. Thank God for Obama

  13. eksith says:

    Yelling “Nazi” at someone demeans the victims atrocities commited by them.
    Likewise, crying “racism” at every opportunity demeans its victims as well.

    Let’s try to be more objective about this, shall we?
    What’s BS is the wholesale exclusion or inclusion of blame when all parties share it.

    I was raised a Buddhist, but I expect a monk to be searched as well.
    This isn’t an issue of faith, but of common sense. I’m willing to be objective about it. Are you?
    More cloth = more places to hide something… And it need not be made of metal. That doesn’t mean everyone has to be strip searched, but caution is warranted. Excluding one group for searches is discrimination so I would expect equal treatment for all.

    A 5 second check of the hajib and she would have been on her way. They shouldn’t have asked her to remove it altogether and she shouldn’t have thrown a fit.


    Religion or authority does not absolve one of responsibility nor objectivity. Even though they may be set aside in other affairs, this situation could have used copious ammounts of both.

    This isn’t about racism, discrimination or religion.
    It’s about overreaction, pride and stupidity.

    We’re living in a time where everyone’s nerves are on edge and the least we all could do is have some understanding of others’ emotions.

    Let’s not cry “Wolf!” each and every time because we won’t be paying attention when it happens for real. Or did we forget that there is still real discrimination out there?

  14. Dern says:

    I have no sympathy for that foul-mouthed woman. I hope her husband beats her like she drew a picture of Mohammed. ALLAH BE PRAISED!

  15. Vulture says:

    Maybe if this woman had acted like a civilized adult rather than an idiot she would have been treated differently. When asked to remove her scarf she should have calmly explained herself instead of using profanities and immediately screeching racism. Hostility begets hostility, she got what she deserved it’s pathetic she made the news.

  16. mad at ray says:

    how come nobody pointed out that ray assumes this woman is not a us citizen? there are plenty of people who are us citizens who observe a relgion other than yourself, including Islam, genius. Is that like how Hitler thought whites were a perfect race? you are part of some subset of true us citizens the rest of us didn’t know existed?

    of course she passively resisted arrrest (yes, passively, per the final determination of the investigation as stated in the article) – she had her arm grabbed and was brought before the judge for an unfairly exectued dress code. of course everyoene should be searched (see other folks’ comments on female hijab searches) but how exactly does the judge plan to hear cases in “another location” for anyone with a relgious need to keep a headdress on prior to them entering the courtroom? Do Muslims need to send notice ahead of time if they wish to attend court for some reason? Furthermore, a simple look at the woman combined with a fair search of the hijab (see above) would have been enough to tell quickly whether she in fact posed a threat or was just wearing the headdress for religious purposes as she had stated she was doing. If the police really don’t want this to happen again, they need to fix the logistics of this dress code’s enforcement and the common sense of those enforcing it. And Ray – get a clue.

  17. Jeff says:

    I was all like yeah and bs yo mama baby like and these po pos….. This sounds like a case of someone who thought they were special, lock her up.

  18. Blue Proctor says:

    Head scarf my … eh…she was treated like that for refusing to cooperate with the authorities. Security is something that ALL must comply, Muslim or not. The law says make no laws respecting ANY religion. I see no problem here and sensitivity training is pandering to these people at a religious level. The real problem in that Muslims wish to live in a medieval society and this is a modern world.

  19. Scott R says:

    Does anyone else think its ironic or at least oxymoronic that the hijab is an article of modesty but the first thing out of this womans mouth is profanity? Modesty my a$$. She desrved to go to jail for the full 10 days. Contempt of court is anything that tends to disrupt the dignity of the court. I would think that her reaction would satisfy that definition.

  20. Jamie Mathis says:

    Hey “Some thought” -> thanks for showing you know absolutely nothing about anything. Very sad. the fact the America is more diverse than ever is absolutely NOT a reason to change security standards.

    I see by your response that you clearly aren’t capable of thinking for yourself. Your argument is what liberal media tells you to think…and your weak mind clearly buys into it.

    Call me what you want, your intimidation doesn’t work here.

    Claiming racism is soooo 90’s. It is a very tired argument…..grow up and think for yourself for once.

  21. Jamie Mathis says:

    Hey “Some thought” -> thanks for showing you know absolutely nothing about anything. Very sad. the fact the America is more diverse than ever is absolutely NOT a reason to change security standards. And if they don’t like me because I want security standards adhered to, then great, don’t like me. The fact is no one likes to be searched and everyone is at least mildly offended…even when searched at the airport…it is humiliating for us all…..wearing a head-scarf doesn’t exclude you from being searched.

    I see by your response that you clearly aren’t capable of thinking for yourself. Your argument is what liberal media tells you to think…and your weak mind clearly buys into it.

    Call me what you want, your intimidation doesn’t work here. But I see your cnn namecalling tactic coming a mile away…very sad and pathetic. not to mention you not only made wrong assumptions about this case, but also made assumptions about me….and actually voiced them? HIlarious….please write more because I need another good laugh.

    Claiming racism is soooo 90’s.

  22. stop the insanity says:

    If all the equal liberties organizations fight for seperation of church and state, force a judge to remove the ten commandments from the courthouse, disallow the pledge of allegiance in public schools, etc., then they should be okay with forcing people to remove so called religious paraphernalia. I know most Americans are fed up with all the concessions we make to appease the minority extremists who will challenge everything that made and makes this country great. You can’t have seperation of church and state and still expect your religious freedoms inside state/government institutions.

  23. Jamie Mathis says:

    She wasn’t called a name by the officers, but she did call the Nazi’s….The only racist in this case, is the woman who refused a simple search and escalated the event herself.

    Not complying is a major red flag when it comes to security. She created a situation out of nothing. Everyone wait for the lawsuit….I’m sure its coming. Time for judges and the common decency of people to step and say not more to garbage like this.

    This is 100% her fault for escalating a non-issue. In America, you get jailed, other countries, she’d get flogged and possibly killed. Remember that!

  24. Jamie Mathis says:

    LunaWolf wrote
    “Most courtrooms have metal detectors these days, don’t they? So if she goes through one, why should she be subjected to a search of her headscarf if people wearing baggy sweaters or pants aren’t subjected to further search? It’s not a security issue, that’s a lazy excuse.”

    You obviously don’t fly. Metal detectors aren’t the magical boxes that catch everything Einstein. This is why they are constantly being upgraded and enhanced. This is also why you take off your shoes and are still subject to random searches at airports (worldwide by the way, nothing specific to the US).

    I would expect this level of shallow thinking from a cnn site at some point…but wow!!! Very poor thinker alert on Luna….yikes, very very yikes.

  25. AJ says:

    Sensitivity and Diversity training? If you think that that is the problem, you’re not paying attention. This will happen again and again and in much worse form than this, because the “training” that police at all levels in this country have received has taught them that civilians have no rights and that any fool with a state-issued costume on has supreme power over anyone that doesn’t. As long as Americans are stupid enough to let their governments and associated thugs show no regard for the constitutional rights of the people they profess to serve, this will continue to get much worse.

  26. Tom says:

    After reading all of these posts I forgot what makes America Great. “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated”. To paraphrase: I guess those who trade security for liberty deserve neither.

    As far as the resistance goes; I have yet to believe that “tightening” your arm which is often an involuntary muscular movement can be considered resisting. I wonder would it be any different than the jews resisting the Nazi’s while they invaded their homes.

    America wake up because these charges are being used daily in turning America into a fascist state. Whether is police being shot when conducting drug raids on wrong houses or the false “I smell pot so let me search your car” to the “remove your headscarf and don’t talk back or I will arrest you on a bogus charges”. I hope she sues them for civil rights violations and forces the judge off the bench.

  27. Tom says:

    *liberty for security*..I think that was Thomas Jefferson.

  28. lunawolf says:

    “Excluding one group for searches is discrimination so I would expect equal treatment for all”
    ~EXACTLY. And it is also discrimination to only include certain groups for searches of their dress. I grew up in a community with many Indian people and, yeah, they might have put a gun in their turbans and come to school, but to search every one of them because of that possibility would have been ILLEGAL and just plain wrong. There’s no reason a quick glance at a head scarf couldn’t give a trained security guard clues to whether or not she had a weapon in there. Seriously, where the hell would she put it? On her neck? Or maybe balance it on her head? Get real.

  29. lunawolf says:

    “Your argument is what liberal media tells you to think”

    ~And your automatic, cookie cutter response about the specter of the “liberal media” is typical to someone who would post as you do. Come out from under Rush Limbaugh’s rock, there.

  30. lunawolf says:

    Ok, Jamie Mathis. Since you have no real argument, you resort to insult. Well, good for you. Got anything better? Why don’t you just stay in Texas.

  31. lunawolf says:

    Thank you Tom. People complain that because of the separation of church and state “Americans are fed up with all the concessions we make to appease the minority extremists who will challenge everything that made and makes this country great.” But what really makes this country great is the principles of the Constitution, extended to all Americans at all times. It is not something that we do perfectly, but the fact that we are always striving for better. The Constitution truly is a higher ideal we must continue to try to uphold. When we start picking out people who we don’t want to apply it to, it loses its value completely and we become a bunch of divided cynics. Woe to an America that forgets its founding values and principles: equality and justice for all.

  32. Shawn says:

    Yes, this is a terrible incident, however this only comes as a surprise to people who do not live in Georgia. I live in “the city” Atlanta, and I can honestly tell you that as soon as you leave the city of Atlanta, you take a trip backwards about 40 years, into little towns with police departments that have no real requirements for becoming a police officer, anybody that made it to high school can become a police officer, and its pretty much the same for the judicial officers…. they probably graduated. And when it comes to any type of racial sensitivity you can forget it, you have to remember that a lot of these law enforcement representatives are uneducated and don’t know much about the world outside of their little towns.

  33. Robert says:

    I’m Canadian and have my own views. I respect religion but religions and its people also have to respect authority figures. You do not resist!! Do as you are told and then argue your point. I find it interesting that she practices her Muslim faith but has no problems yelling the B.S. phrase.

    I myself am tired of people yelling discrimination like its nothing, what would happen if I went to any of those countries and demanded anything….would they respect that?

    Respect goes both ways and DO NOT hide behind religion, do as your told by authorities and you will not be roughed up, tasered and taken down.

  34. TIRED says:

    America, why are we constantly bending and conforming to all these people that leave thier countries, because they want to change thier lifes, but then come to america and want america to be like thier old countries…we are being destroyed from within and liberials will back these people till the end…then ask themselves, “what the h*** happened”.
    LUNA, true, there is seperation of church and state…your words” equality and justice for all”…everyone removes their headwear when going into a court room…everyone
    Climb out from under CNN’s rock

  35. PC Crap says:

    If the guards were really Nazis, as she claims, then she would have been gassed in jail and never heard from again. Instead she was processed like all people who are brought to jail and then released. You want equal treatment you got equal treatment. Anyone who resists arrest will be given the same treatment.

  36. Gengiz says:

    Separation of church and state! What happened to that? I agree that the situation could have been handled better by all parties, however if anyone from any faith is told to remove their headgear in the court than she should not be an exception. This is not about racism or anything like that its making sure everyone is treated equally under the law. And no ones religion has any special preference over another person. I think its fair to tell everyone to take off their head gear but just say it and do it in a respectable manner.

  37. Pink says:

    Will, how did you manage to attract such vitriolic racists? Do they Google all things Islamic and spread their filthy hate wherever they find Muslims in the news? Hopefully they leave you alone after this issue dies out.

    I am surprised that the officers and not the judge himself was subjected to culture sensitivity training.

    Vulgarity: I say bullshit all the time. What is so wrong with that? It does not mean that I need to turn my headscarf in to the Gestapo – I mean, RepubliKKKans – any time soon. Nothing takes away my right to comply with what my religion requires me to do, unless my religion requires me to run you over in the streets. And wearing modest clothing certainly never hurt anyone after a good security check. You racist idiots need to turn off your Limbaugh feed and turn on your brains.

    I once tried to tell my family that Rush is racist and that he lies. They about fell out of their shoes! It was as if I tried to say that God is a sky fairy or something (and you know where I stand on that one).

  38. Pink says:

    By the way, Valentine, like me, is a born American whose family has been American for at least four generations. My family came to the US in the 1860’s after a 50-year stint in Canada, having moved to Canada from the US. Get over it. Being a Muslim does not negate being American.

  39. Robert says:

    Hey Pink,

    who stated this whole fiasco by screaming racism?? The cops didn’t, the judge didn’t? If I walked in wearing a touque (Canadian for winter beanie)and was asked to remove it or was pulled aside, do u think I will fight the cops? All it would have taken was 1) for her to talk to the officer and/or judge involved, 2) respect the rules and not go in or maybe 3) explain herself to the judge without all the sarcasim. You’re missing the point that she bares responsibility in this.

  40. Robert says:

    ooops it should say started. OMG I accepted responsibilty for my mistake!!!

  41. Glen says:

    It is time that we wake up as Americans and stop trying to please everyone about everything. Rules are rules and in this day and age of terrorism all over the world, we can take no chances. The Police and the Judge should be applauded for doing their jobs, not given “sensivity” training. If people do not like the rules, then go live somewhere else. She decided to put her religion in the face of everyone in the courtroom by wearing the scarf in the first place. I have two son in laws that are cops and they will be the first to tell you that the type of person that is bold enough to do this is exactly the type of person to act against our country. People, lets get some backbone and take our country back.

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