Personally I think that Biden is the man for the job

But please, for Christ’s sake – get rid of that Czar tag – it’s infuriating!

Biden says that after he has rolled back some of the creeps Cheney made he will take charge of a ‘Working families’ think-tank and committee.

CNN reports that that committee will be made up of:

Other members of the task force will include the secretaries of labor, health and human services, and commerce, as well as the directors of the National Economic Council, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Domestic Policy Counsel, and the chair of the Council of Economic Advisors.

On guarantee Biden gave was that this think-tank, task-force would be limited in time, certainly not a long term role – one problem with that is with the US economy tanking so badly how long will it take for the economy to turn around sufficiently to disband?

“The one thing that we use as a yardstick of economic success of our administration: Is the middle class growing? Is the middle class getting better? Is the middle class no longer being left behind? And we’ll look at everything from college affordability to after-school programs, the things that affect people’s daily lives. I will be the guy honchoing that policy,” he said.

Biden said he will have the authority to get a consensus among the task force — but will use his relationship with the president if a consensus isn’t reached.

“If in fact there is no consensus, [I’d] go to the president of the United States and say, ‘Mr. President, I think we should be doing this, cabinet member so-and-so thinks that. You’re going to have to resolve what it is we think we should do.’ “

This shows, once again, that in the new administration, much as Obama said on the campaign trail – he will have the final say.

“My administration will be absolutely committed to the future of America’s middle-class and working families. They will be front and center every day in our work in the White House,” said Obama in a statement. “And this Task Force will be one vehicle we will use to ensure that we never forget that commitment.”

And in line with the Obama team’s pledge of full transparency, the task force will issue annual reports, available online to the public.

Anna Burger, chairwoman of Change To Win — a group made up of seven unions — hailed the announcement.

This si something that should be looked at by many governments, the UK and Canada included. It is the community, family, and society that makes a country – not businesses and monopolies much like the neoliberal and Conservative would like us all to believe.

It is about time that these groups were put front and centre in all policy decisions.

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0 Responses to Personally I think that Biden is the man for the job

  1. Joseph Fattal says:

    With all that heavy arsenal that Obama surrounded himself with. From Joe Biden, Hillary, Gates and others. The only thing Obama has left to do is stand there and look good. Brilliant young man.

  2. DE says:

    Oh yeah, he promised me that I could have my own vice presidential puppy too! Change that we can believe in.

  3. tina says:

    Biden doesn’t trust Obama to make good decisions that is why he wants to know everything.

  4. Crystal says:

    You know what is funny, none of the people on the “middle-class committee” are middle class. This is the same issue we have had with the government for the past 8 years. Bailout after bailout continues to pass regardless of the fact that entire middle class population votes against these measures. The politicians claim that we “just don’t understand” and to that I say BS. We do understand and it is obvious to us that there are fundamental problems with our economy and throwing money at failing companies will not fix them. Get some middle class people on that committee and maybe people will take it seriously. The way things stand right now, the democrats are just making fools of us.

  5. ray says:

    <> well spoken! I agree with you Crystal as the everyday “politician” is nothing more than a lawyer, doctor or just someone whom hasnt been where the middle class has.
    Government is too capitalistic and today live in an America controlled by them and special interest groups. With the new government about to transition..
    Obama has stated over and over he is about change.. and while I do somewhat believe there will be change, why is he empowering old faces to new jobs?

  6. Stacy says:

    Biden sounds like he would be more powerful than Cheney….or does he sound like a hypocrite. He talked about how bad Cheney was with all that power and now he wants more power than Cheney had….your funny Biden.

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