The difficulty lies not in developing new ideas but escaping from old ones

Liberalism likes new ideas.

One thing you can be certain of with conservative, with both small and large ‘C’ – is that they like things the way they are. Why that is an oxymoron is that things never stay the same and have changed over time. All you need to do is look all around you and you will see that is true.

Religious conservatives believe that something that happened 2000 years ago will get us all out of the rut we are in now. Other religions think that if we just get rid of all things technological things will be much better than they are now.

Political conservative feel that the things of the past that are tried and true should just keep on being as is, a status quo of method and ideas. Other, more right-wing conservatives believe that we should, if anything, go back in time – go back to a heyday where all was good, mum cooked in the kitchen and dad works eight hours a day, was given his pipe and slippers and read the paper.

What we liberals know, knew and forever will endorse – is that those things are not the way forward. We must make a change to bring about a world and society that can, eventually be at peace with itself. This is applicable to both religious and political liberals. What we do see is that the left-wing liberals have taken over the mantel of the liberal of the all encompassing.

While I watched the election in the US I saw how the word liberal was detested – it was used as an expletive, something not to be trusted, and with that I began to think.

Why, as a liberal as I am, would someone detest me for being a political person who wanted to include them, the conservatives, in getting this world back together and on the right track again?

This brings me to the title of this post “The difficulty lies not in developing new ideas but escaping from old ones” – that is exactly what we must now do. Not for the next year or two, but for a minimum of ten years. That is how long it is going to take to get us back to where we were, and, more importantly better than we were.

We all know that the world is in a recession, but to me that isn’t just a matter of laying off staff and trying to make a buck – it is about looking ahead and seeing the future. Not in the stargazing sense, but one where we can look at the crap that we now stand in and say this is wrong – we have to move forward – and to do that we need to escape from those old ideas that were, at one time, new themselves.

We now have the chance to invest in the things that we need to invest in. New technology that will burn our lights bright but not kill us at the same time. Realise that there is a different way of doing business – one that doesn’t mean a business world of dog eat dog and crap on the lowest in our society. Show those entrepreneurs that there is real light at the end of the tunnel. Get vehicles on the road that won’t belch poison into the air.

I remember when the last recession hit and the conservatives were in charge – I knew then that the only way they would get us out of it was to make the least able to look after themselves suffer for the greater good. Now that is different – now we have a liberal in the US, and hopefully more to come around the world, that will lead with new ideas for a better future – forcing companies of the old guard to embrace what is new and truly escaping the old.

The future is bright – but if we simply fall back on what we know and do not embrace what can be – we will be here again in 20 or 30 years time.

Let us all escape together.

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0 Responses to The difficulty lies not in developing new ideas but escaping from old ones

  1. lunawolf says:

    Very nice. It’s a Liberal Manifesto!

    I was thinking the other day that if liberals try new policies and fail, we can say that at least we tried. And if they succeed, we get all the credit. Conservatism can’t make those statements, especially trying to “conserve” values and policies that either outright didn’t work (laissez-faire) or have fallen out of their usefulness (mum at home, dad with slippers, as you described).

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    Me ol’ dad, Luna, used to say – “They are awake, but the blinkers are too tight”.

    A conservative entrepreneur will bypass a good idea completely focused on the one that will make him a millionaire. But adapting and adopting that idea could have doubled his money.

  3. Lisa Damian says:

    Alan Alda once said, “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in awhile, or the light won’t come in.”

    It’s true with our mode of thinking and our actions as well. We should always try to look at things from a fresh perspective, though it also makes sense to take into account the things we’ve learned from experience as well. We should learn from our mistakes, but not be paralyzed by the fear of trying something new. Progress can not be made without the willingness to step forward and try something a new way.

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