The commercialisation of Christmas will continue…

But is it a matter that the “old” toys have to become defunct?

Since I was young I always knew then and now that Christmas was a time for children. Where I used to live in the UK we believed that Christmas was the kids time and New Year’s eve was the time where the adults let their hair down and had a good time.

But is Christmas over commercialised?

There are loud voices that say that it is – these voices come from all aspects and sections of society. The religious say that it should be a religious time, the poor always dread it, the rich know that it will mean a time of getting something new.

Was it a matter that back then, all of 20 or so years ago, things were better? I don’t think so – 20 or 30 years ago the same was said, and the commercialisation has continued unabated. Kids still wake up on Christmas morning looking under the tree to see what the fat guy has brought them – parents sit there, exhausted, looking at the faces of their kids wondering if they are going to like what they open.

That is until the kids realise that the big box is more of a plaything than the toy that it encased. We still wonder if we should have just bought the box and discarded the contents.

That isn’t really the case but we do think it.

But as we all know, kids love toys – and they love Christmas, is it because of the toys and gifts or is it just because it is that time of year? That isn’t the debate.

If Christmas is so commercialised why is it that kids still and will remember the toys that stuck with them through thick and thin? The skipping rope, the marbles?

For the love of God I am no gamer, if that is still what they call them – but will it be the latest Wii, X-Box or some other electronic device – or those same old toys that captured our imagination?

I would hope the latter but I put that down to agedness.

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0 Responses to The commercialisation of Christmas will continue…

  1. thebeadden says:

    Christmas has become a nightmare. When kids are asking for three hundred dollar gifts, something is wrong. The adults want flat screen TV’s. Since when did a gift cost so much?

    We have to give the young ones money, that they pool together to buy ONE thing they want. And it’s normal!

    Remember those wooden logs you could build cabins with? Weren’t they great? And when a major purchase was $50 dollars? We got one gift, PJ’s and a stocking and were thrilled to bits. Never, for a second, would we even think of asking for an Atari or something so costly.

    Anyway, if I don’t see you around, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

  2. lunawolf says:

    I don’t like it. If I didn’t have familial obligations to do the whole song and dance, I wouldn’t celebrate Christmas at all. I’d make it a dinner night, like Thanksgiving, but ditch the gift giving.

    For the two seasons I worked at Wal Mart, there were fist fights in the electronics department next to mine both years.

    The wednesday night before Thanksgiving I saw people camped outside of Best Buy, waiting for “Black Friday” deals. I’m sure their families were really going to appreciate them missing the holiday so they could get a good deal.

    A man was trampled to death at a Wal Mart by people rushing in to get the best deal. They stepped on a man until he died and then ran to the aisles and continued their shopping. Even more disgusting is that the Wal Mart kept it’s doors open even after the man had died.

    I’m appalled by this. I think Christmas has been completely redefined by commercialism and should be eradicated as a national holiday.

  3. Will Rhodes says:

    When i used to live alone my place was bare of all decorations and anything Christmas. My sister would ask me up to hers because I was alone on Christmas day – I was quite happy to be so.

    I must admit I did travel up to her house for one simple reason – she is a tremendous cook!

  4. virgomonkey says:

    It annoys me when they start playing Christmas songs in say October both on TV and in grocery stores. Well, they do this with every holiday here by setting up their displays 474147100852 months earlier.

    THAT aspect of commercialization bothers me.

    Slightly off topic, but I have noticed (having been working in customer service for a major airline so many years) that people become literally MONSTERS during the holidays. They become more unbearable as Christmas approaches. This is proof in and of itself that people have successfully bastardized what Christmas is supposed to be all about. It is so sad.

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