NHS dental overcharge: I have an idea that will stop it…

Nationalise them again.

I have never agreed with the NHS dentists going it alone and able to charge what they liked for working on your knashers. In this BBC story they say – at least the Conservatives say, that the UK government is being overcharged. If that is the case then the government can use and pull its weight.

Problems with the NHS dental contract may mean patients are being overcharged by £109m a year, according to figures from the Conservatives.

The party says its figures suggest that millions of visits by patients may have been unnecessary.

Some dentists find ways to charge twice for treatments which would normally incur a single fee, the party says.

But dentists said there were good reasons why some patients might need to be seen more frequently.

Millions of people in England remain without an NHS dentist, and dentists’ leaders say it [The NHS dental contract] still does not sufficiently reward their work.


When I was last in the UK I went to a dentist to have a tooth pulled, when this dentist was under the NHS it cost 12 pounds ($24) – when I went to the dentist this time around, it cost 75 pounds ($150). But instead of driving a Ford Sierra, the dentist was driving a 911 Porche – again, don’t get me wrong – I don’t care how rich someone is, if that dentist did a shedload of cosmetic work and was being paid for it, who cares. But I don’t want a wide as a bus mouth full of ceramic – quite happy with what I have, thanks!

What does piss me off is the fact that UK dentists say that you have to go see them every six months – OK, they like to see you and give you a check-up, nothing wrong with that. But each time you go you pay – and not only that you miss one appointment you are off their NHS list and you are then in the position of finding a new dentist who will take you as an NHS patient (which you won’t) or pay through the nose.

So, if dentists don’t want to take NHS patients, as they obviously don’t, then bring them back within the umbrella of the NHS and make them take all patients.

Will some leave the profession? Yeah – they will go to the US in all probability – but that will then be a US problem with having so many dentists – those who do stay within the UK will have to take patients – they have college loans to pay for, too.

GPs in the UK get a good salary each year – why not dentists under they same rules?

Seems quite simple to me – re-nationalise dentists or threaten them with it. See how long it is before they realise where their bread is really buttered!

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One Response to NHS dental overcharge: I have an idea that will stop it…

  1. superlekker says:

    The trouble with most UK dentists is that their care is substandard compared with Western Europe. If you find a good UK dentist, hang on to them. Otherwise, travel for our teeth.

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