You buy a gift from The Onion and expect it to work?


You really have to be kidding me if you think that The Onion would advertise things that actually did what is said on the box – or would it?

I love The Onion, truly a funny, funny place to read. But:

“Don’t be tethered to the kitchen! Take your toast … to go!” reads the ad copy on the slickly designed box, which sports images of a pop-up toaster and a busy-looking guy in a motel room biting into a piece of toast.

You can just imagine some poor sap struggling to look excited on Christmas morning after unwrapping the oddly useless gadget. Once he or she opens the box, however, an inside flap reveals the joke. “Gotcha!” it taunts. “There is no USB Toaster in this box. Even the concept of such a toaster is silly and unrealistic. In reality, you, the gift recipient, have been duped.”

But what I can see is that would be the perfect gifts for the person who really does have everything – and we all know one of those.

The person who has the 19 foot screen on his wall and keeps telling you how great it is – after all, it is only a TV, but it is BIG!

The Onion sells the boxes for $7.99 apiece, or $19.99 for a set of four. Other GotchaBox “products” include:

• The Visor-ganizer, a storage pouch that “holds up to 7 lbs.” and attaches to the brim of a hat. The box reads, “Finally, an alternative to the embarrassing Fanny Pack!”

• iFeast, a combined pet-feeding and iPod-docking station. “Produces earsplitting beep when the water dish is empty!”

• The Kleen-Stride personal debris removal system — small push brooms that attach to the front of the wearer’s shoes.

• The Peaceful Progression Smoke Alarm, featuring sounds of the rain forest. “Awake to your next fire calm and refreshed!”

Personally I think they are cool!

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0 Responses to You buy a gift from The Onion and expect it to work?

  1. Brad says:

    I only discovered The Onion a few days ago, and I agree: it’s really funny 😀 Those are some cool non-gift ideas 😛

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