Cheney admits he is a nut-case

“Have I changed? Well, not in the sense that I’ve gone through some fundamental psychological transition here,” he said.

Although the war in Iraq was a mistake – one that Cheney and Bush were told would be a mistake, even though the war on drugs has failed as much as the war on terror – Cheney still says that the Bush administration was right.

When you are wrong you are wrong – and you admit it. Cheney never will. More proof that his delusional life will continue.

“But I have been, since [the September 11 attacks], focused very much upon what we needed to do to defend the nation. And I think the policies … have been good programs. I think those have been sound decisions. And if that’s what they mean by saying I changed, I’m guilty.”

The vice president argued that, contrary to the claims of its critics, the administration had not tortured suspected terrorists.

“Those who allege that we’ve been involved in torture, or that somehow we violated the Constitution or laws with the Terrorist Surveillance Program, simply don’t know what they’re talking about,” he said.

Say no more, Dick – say no more.

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0 Responses to Cheney admits he is a nut-case

  1. An American Liberal says:

    This guy needs to go to jail, and I vote for Cuba. Don’t worry Cheney, you won’t be tortured, anyone who says so just doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    How can such a smart man be such a lying bag of horse shit?

  2. Chris, Oxford Michigan says:

    Man, after the past two months, coupled with the past 8 years, I want some of the same dope they smoke in DC. Good God, how many times do you have to be proven wrong?

  3. GJMURPHY says:

    The man is an inveterate liar, along with his sidekick Rumsfeld and with the approval of another person of the same ilk, George W. Bush. He is also guilty for 8 years of continuous lies, pillaging the nations wealth, with the aid of his real bosses at Halliburton. This is a man when he was called for service was to busy, so lets add on moral and physical coward.

  4. Ed says:

    what a moran this idiot is …should die a slow death with cancer

  5. PiedType says:

    And STILL there are no charges against him, Rumsfeld,or Bush! Merely putting this fiasco behind us and moving on is NOT good enough. I want them held accountable.

  6. virgomonkey says:

    The Iraqi war put LOADS of money in his piggy bank. So his words were not surprising – just nauseating.

    Not enough people realize that it was this man that orchestrated this war. Cheney used to be the CEO of Halliburton. Bush is bad for not standing up to him. Bush was his lap dog. Ugh. They are both disgusting with Cheney being the worst in recorded history to be in the White House.

    Just makes me so relieved that we have a man with a brain in the white house now.

    I just want all the wars to stop for a nice change.

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