Campbell wants to know: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

As we all know it was the Mongoose!

Or it could have been the Velociraptor. But the problem with that is this dinosaur was a man made reality and was big! In actual reality the thing was just a bit bigger than a chicken and a little smaller than a Turkey – but it did have teeth and a big talon.

Campbell, unsurprisingly, throws her hat in the ring of – “well you can’t get passed a con man, especially if he is a good one”.

This is, of course, talking about Bernie Madoff. One rather obvious mistake she makes while defending the fact that Wall Street is a place where corruption is rife, is that he wasn’t just a con-man. He was someone who worked in the industry for years and had a distinct advantage. How can you equate that to crime is crime is crime? There is nothing we can do about it?

That is plainly silly – if there was enough over-sight of Wall St then someone would have picked up on it way before Madoff could have concocted his scheme. Even then, saying that he had conned people, there would have been a body who did the over-sight that could have stopped him before $50Bn had been spread around. Mainly into his back pocket!

Because our country, our economy, isn’t just built on banks and regulators. Its foundation is the American people and the choices we make.

So, in a roundabout way – Campbell is saying it is your fault – don’t trust anyone! Keep your money in a bank – but…what just happened with the banks in the US?

Will someone mail Campbell and explain what America was built on? And it wasn’t just making a choice!

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0 Responses to Campbell wants to know: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

  1. eksith says:

    All this pointless pontification and no accountability.

    I didn’t realise CNN writers were former philosophy majors.

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