If you ever had any doubt that Mugabe was nuts – read on…

It is all Britain’s – and, of course, America’s fault.

The jumped up leader of Zimbabwe has said, even though cholera is rife in the country he had destroyed, Mugabe said “there is no cholera in the country.”

He is patently nuts. Not you ordinary over the top crazy – your out of his mind nuts!

But added to this one of his henchmen spokesmen has now indicated that this outbreak is all about Britain wanting to invade but before invading they have infected people with the deadly disease.

Problem: the disease is attacking those who are poor and remote, not the ramshackle army that keeps Mugabe in power.

I must admit – I would support Britian invading Zimbabwe to get rid of this tinpot – he needs to go and go quickly!

Britain’s Africa minister, Mark Malloch-Brown responded by saying, “I don’t know what world he (Mugabe) is living in,” according to the British newspaper The Guardian.

Malloch-Brown made the comment during a one-day trip to South Africa, where he visited a Johannesburg church housing 1,600 Zimbabweans who have fled their country, the newspaper said.

“There is a raging humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe as well as an economic crisis and still there is no representative government able to lead the country out of this disaster,” he said, according to The Guardian.

Cholera has ravaged Zimbabwe, causing nearly 800 deaths and infecting more than 16,000 people, the World Health Organization says.

The outbreak could surpass 60 000 cases, according to an estimate by the Zimbabwe Health Cluster, which is a group coordinated by the World Health Organization.

Mugabe is no Hitler – but he is a tinpot dictator that this world should be rid of. The man isn’t even evil – just completely nuts!

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