You get it right – then abandon it, that isn't how you get to profit

This story shows you how GM bosses have the right ideas, but can only think of profit.

There are so many reasons why the auto-makers in the US are on the brink of collapse, even though they have an agree loan, and GM proves it with Saturn.

Instead of going the right way – they decide to keep cars that are just crap!

General Motors hasn’t officially announced the end of Saturn, but in a restructuring plan submitted to Congress, the automaker said it would concentrate resources on four core brands — Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC.

For the Lord’s sake why?

The ones they are about to abandon are, at least two, the ones they should keep! What are they thinking?

That leaves Saturn, along with GM’s Pontiac, Saab and Hummer brands, with a dim future.

Hummer I can understand, but Saab and Saturn?

Take the Saturn Astra – it is imported from Europe, a place where fuel efficient cars are the norm, not the exception – and GM are going to abandon what it already has – up and running?

People have said, for time that Saturn has been around that they buy from them because the cars are good, well equipped, stylish and they can go to a dealership that makes them feel good about buying the car.

This is why you should get rid of the idiotic management of the auto-makers and get some new blood in that can turn these companies around – this is where I feel the fear is of the Americans who are investing their tax dollars.

All three Sky owners from Hixson had stories to tell about a sales consultant who went the extra mile or a service call that exceeded their expectations. Pearson said she has owned many makes of cars, including foreign nameplates, and Saturn’s treatment of customers beats them all.

“The best experience I’ve ever had was with Saturn, bar none,” she said.

Let’s hope that someone comes in a buys Saturn and keeps it going – when something is right you go with it, not simply abandon it for short-term profit, that has all along been the problem with American auto-makers.

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