Welfare reform or tax evasion reform?

A simple question really.

The UK Government is saying that a new welfare reform bill is a fair deal. But, as always there is a lingering question – fair deal for whom?

Of course we have to look at the tax payer – after all it is their taxes that go to pay for welfare – but, in the UK you have National Insurance, or NI – that is 17% of you wage up to a certain amount and then you stay at they level. NI is supposed to pay for when you are out of work and healthcare. So you are paying for your welfare before you get it – well almost are, there are those who have never had jobs so don’t pay it, not income tax – but even unemployed and the sick pay tax, that is the sales tax in the UK which is just about on everything you buy.

There is fraudulent claims for welfare in the UK – it is an open secret that there is. It is also an open secret that, in reality, you don’t get that much from the state when you are unemployed. This fair deal for erm, whom, is aimed at stopping that fraud – which, I think we all can agree is a good thing. But nailing everyone who is on welfare as a cheat is the way this Conservative New Labour government is acting.

The common figure in pounds sterling that this fraud is costing the UK government is, quite high, 400 million a year. A lot really.

But, and this is where I have a somewhat – “OK, what are you doing about the other fraud?” moment.

The other fraud is tax dodging or tax evasion or better still, tax fraud.

That would seem to be cost a little more than welfare fraud. So much so it is estimated at around two billion pounds per year!

Where is the fair deal for the tax payer there? Where is the draconian laws to flush out those who are keeping their money dug deep away from the government? Two BILLION pounds is a lot more, an awful lot more than the estimated 400 million in welfare fraud.

And what is the UK government doing about this?


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