Sarah palin has a new love for Canada

…and it is in shape of a pipeline.

As she is trying to direct Alaska, Palin signs a deal that will pay Trans-Canada 500 million to build a pipeline from Alaska down to the lower 48. Added to that she urges President-Elect Obama to do the same – all this because Canada and Alaska love hockey!

“I know Alaska is doing all we can to grow that relationship and we’ve gotta have faith that the newly elected administration will see the light on that and work very hard to increase and strengthen the relationship between our two countries.”

She said Alaskans and Canadians have much in common, from a shared love of hockey to an appreciation for the outdoors, hunting and fishing.

I do wish she would breathe while she spoke.

Palin predicted the newly signed 2,700-kilometre pipeline project will boost U.S. domestic energy supply by 7 per cent and reduce U.S. dependency on foreign oil sources.

“This has been long hoped for, prayed about, wished for, for really about 50 years here in Alaska,” Palin said.

She said Alaska has vast reserves of oil and natural gas that are virtually being “warehoused” at the moment.

“It’s time to tap those, throw them into our own hungry markets so we can be less reliant on foreign sources and less beholden to some regimes that control energy that we import. Some of those regimes don’t like America,” she said.

If it is time to tap those resources – why doesn’t she do it? Bush cancelled the executive order that stops off-shore drilling, where is she talking about? ANWR?

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