Think if you will…a country at war and abject poverty for some

If your country had been at war for 7 years, what would you complain about?

Would it be that millions of people are losing their jobs? Would you complain that millions of people are losing their homes? Would you even complain that the cost of fighting a war is just about the same amount of money that could drag your country out of the pit it is in, and bring relief to so many? Would you complain about the millions that the CEOs of companies in your country make; while millions of people couldn’t get healthcare?

So many questions to ask – so many answers, or would you complain, on a national TV news station about a cardboard cut-out?

Now think about that for a second.

Penny dropped?

(CNN) — Sexism or just good-natured fun between new best friends? You decide. We found this photo posted on The Washington Post’s Web site. Take a good look.

The guy on the left … the one cupping Hillary Clinton’s breast on this cardboard cutout, that would be President-elect Obama’s chief speechwriter, Jon Favreau. He struck this rather intriguing pose at a party, and then, bummer for him, the photo got posted by a pal on Facebook.

Jon, I’m not even going to go after you for this, because it is just too easy. It is shooting fish in a barrel. My 1-month-old kid could look at this picture of you and say, if he could talk yet, “what a total idiot move.”

So, I’m not even going to bother. You know how incredibly stupid that was.

Dear Campbell Brown goes on – even after saying that she isn’t going to have a go at the guy – she has a go at him. And, not surprisingly, has ago at, Hillary Clinton!

Now what is Hillary Clinton supposed to do? She could say to Barack Obama – “Hey dude – I’m not going to be a part of your government after a speech-writer of your old campaign gropes my cardboard tit!”

She could ask the guy to be – erm..fired? She could, I suppose ask him to be publicly humiliated and flogged. She could ask a lot of things – but rather than that, Hillary Clinton laughs it off with a smile indication that she isn’t pissed about this and is (humorously) ‘flattered’ that a young man would have such interest in her.

In all seriousness – the guy was what we call in the UK, ‘Larking’ around. He obviously had a few beers and was pulling a pose. What is so wrong in that? Campbell – oddly – goes on, after she said she wouldn’t go on to say:

She made a point of calling people out during the campaign, and for that, she became a hero to millions of women. But now, the campaign is over.

She is joining Team Obama, and, apparently, this photo of her likeness being groped by another key member of Obama’s team doesn’t bother her a bit. Just good-natured fun, or so her spokesman says.

Really, Sen. Clinton? Boy, have you changed your tune. You really think this photo is OK?

Put another woman in that photo, just an average woman who supported you during the campaign. Have it be her image being degraded by a colleague of hers. Would you be OK with that?

Hillary Clinton became a hero just in the campaign – because she spoke up about sexism!? So Hillary Clinton hasn’t spoken about sexism before the last campaign?

You sound very angry, Campbell – and – if the woman who should, in your eyes, be angered by this takes it in the light-hearted way then so be it.

You see, you are one of the problems with sexism and what should be done about it. Most women don’t think the same way as you do – there are many who do, but not most. There are many women who would look at what you write/say and raise their eye brows and wonder what your problem really is.

Being angry about something has its place – sexism is a vile thing, but you have to chose your battles well – or the battle will be lost before it has begun.

And a cardboard cut-out is not a battle to fight in a greater conflict of sexism.

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