10 years is a long time, but it will bring about the hydrogen car

An’ I have been saying that for ten years or more.

Hydrogen, unlike so many other things will not run out – ever. But technology hasn’t quite caught up with the wonderful chemical – until now.


Hydrogen powered cars are emissions free — expelling only drops of water from the exhaust — and fuel-cell technology is proven. NASA has been using hydrogen to power space missions since the 1960s.

A fuel cell works by converting chemical energy into electrical energy which in turn powers the vehicle. Unlike electric cars, hydrogen-powered vehicles don’t need recharging.

The fact that hydrogen cars don’t need plugging in will be, for me, the defining factor. I will admit, if you could charge an electric car as quickly as filling up your tank then I thing it would be a serious race between electric cars and hydrogen fuelled cars, but that technology is way, way off plus hydrogen is there to be used almost right away. It really is a matter of having the cars get into full production and the infrastructure to be built so people can use them.

T. Boone has said that in the mean time we need LPG transports, he could well be right – he argument is that transports are just too big to be moved by battery – and I agree – and the cost of battery technology isn’t really going to go down with mass production.

“Batteries are a material intensive technology. As you buy more batteries, the costs don’t necessarily go down,” he said. “The nickel metal hydride battery they use in the [Toyota] Prius is a classic example. If the demand for nickel goes up, the price goes up.”

Toyota is still losing money on the Prius because of the cost — close to $5000 — of the battery.

That, with all things economic, is the seal of death for the electric car/vehicle. It will always be too expensive and that isn’t the way to get alternative fuelled vehicles on the road and gas powered one off it.

As I am not an advocate of peak oil – well not just yet – oil will still play a big factor. But with the right incentive the change over can occur – it just need the right will, and for all us lazy motorists, the shortness of time to fill up.

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0 Responses to 10 years is a long time, but it will bring about the hydrogen car

  1. Hydrogen? Oh isn’t that something sexual?

  2. Matt says:

    2 comments here:

    1) Further reason we should not bailout the big 3. Look what Honda can do without a handout, and you want to prop up failed policies?

    2) Battery-powered shouldn’t be discounted as of yet. In fact, a company by the name of GLX power is getting ready to start up in Cleveland, Ohio and is working with two new battery designs. NiMH, Li-ion, and Ni-Cad have been shown to be flawed, but GLX is working with Ni-Zn and the outlook is good so far!

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