Will Europe come to the UK's assistance?

As much as Great Britain came to the assistance of Europe decades ago.

Eleven years of Conservative New Labour rule in the UK has meant that there has been a real clampdown on crime mainly because all citizens are seen as criminals first with the right to fight for their innocence if they so wish. But – even if you are innocent your DNA will be kept on file just in case you drop litter again and you will be charged with another crime.

The unanimous ruling by the European court of human rights scuppers Home Office plans to extend automatic retention of DNA samples to those arrested for low-level offences such as traffic violations and littering[…]

The UK is a part of the EU – which, as much as I hate saying it, looks to bea good thing – especially on the civil rights front. More people will be taking cases to the Human Rights Commission because of the draconian laws being brought about by this government. What is needed now is someone, preferably very rich, who can help pay the lawyers – or, better still, lawyers who believe in the UK to do this for free. Why the EU has to stand up for British citizens is well beyond my grasp – I would have thought that the Law Lords would side with the common man – not the case.

The national DNA database contains profiles of 4.3 million people who have been arrested by the police in connection with “recordable” offences that carry a potential prison sentence.

Data protection experts also warned last night that it had wider implications for other criminal justice data-sharing schemes in Britain and across Europe.

The 17 judges ruled that the “blanket and indiscriminate” lifetime retention of DNA samples from unconvicted crime suspects, including children, constituted “a disproportionate interference with the applicants’ right to respect for private life and could not be regarded as necessary in a democratic society”.

It seems that just being born a UK citizen will be deemed a criminal offence, and this is all being brought about by a Scottish prime minister, is there something that Gordon Brown should be telling us?

His lying lackey, Jackqui Smith, is the one who is forcing through ID cards that hold more information on you than your doctor – and she doesn’t seem to see that there is something wrong in that, but she is being asked to bring forward proposals in this case of guilty until proven innocent:

The home secretary, Jacqui Smith, has until March to tell the Strasbourg court how she intends to comply with the ruling.

What would be the best course is that she were fired – or better still her constituency pick someone else for the next election or one of the other parties win her seat – irony!

Because the fact is – Jacqui Smith is, in fact, guilty of stripping away Britons civil liberties ad infinitum. Surely that is an indictable offence? If not it should be.

I just hope upon hope that when the next election comes around this shower of shit is voted into 3rd place.

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  1. I’m waiting for the day that London goes to the ECB and asks to join the Euro, just to see the conversion rate they’d get.

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