Big Brother Britain: If ignorance is no defence in law

…and as you don’t have a job you can take a lie detector test!

Now, if you don’t believe me that Britain is really moving toward a police state, or a real Big Brother State and you think I am nuts with a tin-foil hat, read this:

Benefit claimants will face lie detector tests and will lose benefits for a month if found guilty of fiddling the system under proposals unveiled by Gordon Brown on the eve of today’s Queen’s speech.

If that isn’t taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut I don’t know what is!

But – what we have to look at is with this lot in government – surely they should be subject to lie detector test as well, like lying to the British people about the Damian Green affair:

A few weeks ago, she [Jacqui Smith] proposed that men who pay “trafficked” prostitutes for sex be criminalised whether aware of it or not. If ignorance is no defence in law for them, it would be unthinkable hypocrisy for the woman who, much like Judge Dredd, is “the law” to claim it for herself.

No, for succour she must look to the segment of Her Maj’s speech about welfare cheats. If the lie detector is the right weapon against people suspected of lying to avoid getting a job, on what grounds can it be the wrong one to deal with someone suspected of lying to keep her job? All Jacqui need do is attend the Dispatch Box or the Newsnight studio strapped to a polygraph, and answer a few questions, and we needn’t hear another word about it.

Seriously – who does this government think they are? Will their charade never end. This is just about civil liberties, it is about the very foundation the UK was built upon – and it is crumbling under the very feet of the people.

So far, 25 local councils administering housing benefit to 500,000 claimants are using “voice risk analysis technology” to test whether a claimant is providing false information.

This in a country that has the Magna Carta? I am dumbfounded! But what are the opposition parties saying about this?

The government introduced the technology in Harrow, north-west London, last year, but says it plans to make the technology available nationwide. In the first three months of using the technology Harrow saved £300,000, suggesting that levels of benefit fraud may be higher than government estimates. Ministers are cracking down on benefit fraud even though it is officially at its lowest recorded level, down 66% since 2001.

So something is working, no? And then there is this little tit-bit: it is all about people playing by the rules:

The Cabinet Office paper tries to put the emphasis on fair rules in the context of the credit crunch. It says: “As everyone enters difficult economic times … fair rules will become more important.

“If people perceive that not everyone is treated equally, that some get preferential treatment, that people who break the rules get away with it, respect for rules is undermined.”

So – what we have to ask there is, like I blogged about what seems like eons ago – how about MPs getting their living allowances cut to a bare minimum? How about MPs taking a pay cut? How about MPs playing by the rules of being for the people?

Seems these bastards don’t want to do that.

The economic crisis is going to put more people out of work – and as they are out of work they will be subjected to draconian measures like taking a lie detector test?

What the hell is wrong with the British press/media? Why are they not banging on the door of No10 and asking why this is all going on?

More so – what the hell is wrong with the British people?

A written constitution for this disgracefully malgoverned country is essential. The lack of one weakens and poisons every aspect of government, and specifically enables such idiocies as Mr Green’s arrest. Any student of the documentary series Yes, Minister will presume that Ms Smith’s permanent secretary, whose first duty is to the sovereign cause of ministerial deniability, let the police know that the last thing they should do was inform the minister in nominal charge of the police. Under a written constitution, procedure for cases involving the sovereignty of parliament and the right to leak in the perceived national interest would be … agh, my memory. What is that technical term? Oh yes. Written.

While I have lived my middle-aged life without a written constitution of the UK, I always advocated that there was no need for one – I now change my mind.

The limits of the power of government MUST be brought in. Nick Clegg(?). Though loathed to say it – Britain needs a Written unerring constitution that is there to protect parliament and, more importantly, the people.

God, PLEASE help England!

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0 Responses to Big Brother Britain: If ignorance is no defence in law

  1. Dave says:

    I moved to the US from teh UK 8 years ago.

    While the US has ignored its constitution over the years. Again and again it is the document that forces them back on track.

    Having lived here. I have to say a document designed to limit the power of the government over the people. Is one of the greatest in history.

    The more I look at British news over the last 8 years. The more I think we need to take that one page from American history and learn from it.

    Thank you

  2. Steve says:

    Can you believe this story?

    This is why having kids shouldn’t be a fundamental right, becuase we jus thave so many mentally ill people, people who should never have been allowed to breed.

    Faking the kidnap of your own child? Wasting state resources to search for someone that wasn’t kidnapped? What kind of sociopaths are we creating in society these days?

  3. Steve says:

    Is the jacqui smith story the typical feminazi stuff. is she normally the type that thinks all sex is rape, that kind or is there something else to the story?

    How come they don’t hook politicians up to polygraph tests, i mean, given how often they make false promises and tell lies to get elected. But I have a feeling since politicians are such inherent liars, they probably could pass a polygraph with flying colors.

  4. UK Voter says:

    Spot on: What I find most frustrating is the fact that the public, the majority that is, fail to understand that this is the thin edge of the wedge. Very soon, we will not even be able to write blogs like this if it differs with the views of the government.

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