The more things change, the more Saxby stays the same

Why is it that only the Democrats are supposed to be bi-partisan?  The newly re-elected Republican Senator from Georgia, in his acceptance speech tonight said, “When he wants to raise your taxes, when he wants to tinker with the Second Amendment, when he wants to make proposals with respect to health care that is going to take your choice of choosing your doctor away form you, then I’m going to be the 41st senator to stand up and say no.”

He’s pledging to defeat in the Senate proposals that President-elect Obama hasn’t made, based on false advertising by the Republican candidate for President, and citing “conservative values.”  But reporters are asking President-elect Obama if Robert Gates “fills the Republican slot on your cabinet.”

Give me a break.  Are people really worried about a Democratic “super majority,” like the one the Republicans had for six years, controlling both houses of Congress and the White House?  We saw where that got us, right?  Yet and still, the arguments are out there, for the frightful, for the frightened, for the politically deaf among us to continue to cling to – it seems that President-elect Obama was right about some people “clinging to their guns and their religion.”  He was just wrong about which people.

GOP Senate win in Georgia

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  1. museditions says:

    Hey, Will, I’m wicha there. I was rather unimpressed by the Senator’s comments. I don’t MIND having both parties represented. I do remember the President-elect saying, repeatedly, that under his plan we can keep our current doctors. geeeesh.

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