"No, I smash windows at home."

The thought polices experiment seems not to be working.


For such a long, long time parents – you know them, one gave birth to you and the other was there at conception, raised you a little, too, have been saying that this, and previous government has lost their marbles by taking away all the parental rights, like chastising your kid if they go mental at home. Well they have had their little Johnny and little Sarah attending brainwashing classes at school – the government thinks its a good idea – basically because Johnny and Sarah have been little shits!

Not that many said this wouldn’t happen once you take the parent out of the equation and let teachers and government try to do something about them being divas. But the government knows best – as we all know. The problem with that is this – the government and imbecilic political correct pricks have brought about laws that stop little Johnny and little Sarah being chastised at school, too. Cool! Kids never get disciplined.

What happens with that is the little shits get out of hand and – you guessed it, think they can do what they like when they like – including not attending school, and doing anything that you like at home – because no one can do anything about it.

So what do you do when you and the political correct dunces decide that ‘The Children’ cannot get a telling off or their Wii confiscated for a day or so?

You have huddle-time at school.

England’s flagship primary school social and emotional learning programme has had little impact on pupil behaviour, a study has suggested.

Neither the parents nor the teachers questioned by researchers reported any effect on the key social skills targeted by the Seal programmes.

Well what do you know? EH? Teachers are not parents at school, they are teachers – I think that could be a clue.

Seal uses small group work to boost pupils’ personal development, social skills and develop their relationships with others by improving their self-awareness and motivation.

They all do a drawing together and talk about it – or something similar.

[…] teachers in only one of the four schemes evaluated recorded any positive impact at all on pupils’ behaviour and social skills.

The report said: “Furthermore, there was no evidence of impact for any of the core skills being targeted for each theme in any of the staff, pupil or parents ratings.”

Didn’t work then? But this government is going ahead with it anyway.

The researchers said it appeared that what small improvements in behaviour the programme had notched up, were not transferred to the home setting.

The report highlighted how one boy who had been asked how the group sessions had helped him outside school said: “No, I smash windows at home.”

The researchers suggested this failure to transfer may be down to a lack of parental involvement or the “light touch” nature of the interventions.

The researchers also suggested there was only so much that school-based programmes could do on their own, and that a child’s home circumstances could be a “barrier” to improvements.

The basic model for group interventions is one weekly 40-minute session over six to eight weeks.

When I read that I could weep – seriously!

I despise political correctness – and, as always, when it is proven to fail – it is always the fault of those it was supposed to help.

But, hey – you can always go about social planning/engineering with a weekly 40-minute session.

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