Obama inauguration a muted affair – but why?

Have a bit of fun and then get on with business.

Everything is depressing.

Obama should have one rip-roaring party and then get on with pulling the US out of the dumps.

This story from CNN seems to indicate that he should have the ceremony, say “Thanks for voting for me” and then leave.

The aspect of the history of him being elected, the inauguration, everything about it should be celebrated. And why not – all Americans can join in if they so wish.

(CNN) — Millions of people are expected to go to Washington to celebrate Barack Obama’s inauguration on January 20, but with a troubled economy and pocketbook issues on the mind, the president-elect must be careful to set the right tone.


[…]and Michelle Obama could opt for something more reasonably priced than a designer dress.

Like Wal*Mart? Cool! Not.

Tickets for the inauguration are distributed through members of Congress, and just 240,000 seats are available for the actual swearing-in ceremony.

The tickets are supposed to be free, but with demand outpacing supply, a traditional giveaway has turned into a thriving online marketplace.

Legitimate ticket brokers — the same companies that peddle tickets to rock concerts and NASCAR races — are selling tickets to the inauguration for thousands of dollars, even for standing-room areas on the National Mall.

Some things never change, though.

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0 Responses to Obama inauguration a muted affair – but why?

  1. PiedType says:

    Obama — and the country — deserve one helluva big party for having survived the Bush years. If ever there was cause for a HUGE, world-class celebration, it is the combined departure of George Bush and swearing in of Barack Obama.

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