MP's arrest not Stalinist, but I will say that what you say is!: Jacqui Smith

She refuses to resign and apologise.

She told BBC’s Andrew Marr that she couldn’t intervene. She told BBC’s Andrew Marr that is would be wrong. She told BBC’s Andrew Marr many things – but not once apologised or had any redress for those who arrested Damian Green – of course, like most things – it was nothing to do with her.

Mz Smith always seems, when she is in the wrong, to invoke some kind of pithy principle that is a vague notion that she is a principled person – what that principle is we have yet to understand – but it is hers to invoke as she pleases.

The principle, this time, is that it would be a Stalinist principle not to condemn the police for breaching parliamentary privileged, ‘nothing to do with her – she is only the Home Secretary and the police are independent’. Really?

OK – so we can just about giver her that one, because we are playing nice and she knows she is in charge of the police – but, as that isn’t enough – who is in charge, the boss of, the anti-terrorist squad?


The Metropolitan Police, being the biggest and best-funded force in the country, is the only constabulary in the UK to have a dedicated Anti-Terrorist Squad.

Anti-Terrorist Branch officers are often sent miles from London in the course of their work and are supposed to work closely with local officers if they discover terrorist activity in, for example, Lancashire.

In December 2001 Scotland Yard officers boarded a cargo ship in the English Channel because of fears that it might be carrying terrorist material. In the end the ship was given the all-clear.

The Anti-Terrorist Branch has years of experience in tackling terrorism, most noticeably that of Irish republicans operating on the British mainland.

They have faced a steep learning curve with Islamic extremists since 11 September 2001 but the lack of a major terrorist incident in Britain suggests they are getting results.

I suppose the anti-terrorist squad has nothing to do with her office either? Hmmm – something is amiss at home.

The point on all this is that it has caused a stink – and a big one. MPs from all sides are condemning this action – not just because the police are involved – the police have to do their job and no one is above the law – but because, for a parliamentary democracy to work – MPs have to do their jobs from both sides of the House of Commons. Just look into the history of G Brown and his ‘leaks’.

Damian Green was even sweeping his offices for bugging devices! How many more senior MPs are doing the same? If that isn’t an indication that something is awry – then what the hell is? This is Parliament for God’s sake!

The Conservative leader, although a twat himself is correct in saying that so far the answers given were not good enough.

This isn’t a matter that an MP was caught with his/her trousers down – that maybe funny and help us all to laugh at the hypocrisy of MPs – this is the very foundation that parliament was foundered on – even with its flaws.

Jacqui Smith MUST take the blame for this for she is the Home Secretary – the buck stops with her! It is plausible that Brown didn`t know about this – he is PM after all and has to rely on his cabinet to do their job – and in this case she didn’t and has rattled the very seat of government and parliament.

She must go, and not only get the sack but be ousted from parliament in shame! This is the fundamentals of Parliamentary Democracy we are talking about – and the press/media must not allow this to go away unpunished.

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0 Responses to MP's arrest not Stalinist, but I will say that what you say is!: Jacqui Smith

  1. UK Voter says:

    Completely agree. Not for the first time Jacqui Smith has demonstrated that she falls far short of what is needed to be a competent Home Secretary. Her judgement is frequently called into question and she is rarely able to hold her own when challenged on her decisions. She is utterly useless and this debacle demonstrates this once again.

    My other concern is parliament is becoming the Mets bitch, pandering to ech and every request they make, no matter what affect this has on individual freedom and liberty. For the first time, these laws have affected a politician, let us hope that Cameron can make this point and at the same time, undertake to repeal some of these laws, rather than seek exemption for MP’s.

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