…and some say that everyone should be armed in the US

“…the right to bear arms will not mean people will just kill each other…”

That was said to me a while ago, what seems like a long while ago now, just after the Virginia Tech murders.

The proponent was quoting the ever used “Right to bear arms” part of the US Constitution – saying, in what she thought was a logical argument – that if everyone was armed that “nut-case” would not have killed as many people as he did. Students should be able to carry concealed weapons ‘just in case.

Of course I disagreed.

What I can see happening is more of this.

The California shootings occurred about 11:30 a.m. (2:30 p.m. ET), authorities said.

By the time police arrived, two men were dead from gunshot wounds, Riverside County sheriff’s Sgt. Dennis Gutierrez said. He said authorities are not seeking any other suspects.

Gutierrez said that the men did not appear to be store employees and that the dispute appeared unrelated to shopping.

“There was a confrontation inside of the store. But over a toy? I don’t think that is accurate,” he said.

Two handguns were found near the men’s bodies, Gutierrez said.

I am not saying that these guns were legally carried – not saying that, if you want a gun (I can’t understand why, but hey…) you should not have one in your home for protection, not really bothered if that damn thing is loaded – but carrying guns in public is too bloody dangerous!

The most rational seem to go completely berserk once that have weapons.

It isn’t a matter that you are ‘personally safe’ – one stray bullet kills an innocent – and that goes against the Right to Life, does it not?

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0 Responses to …and some say that everyone should be armed in the US

  1. Julie P says:

    Once upon a time someone broke into my apartment while I was asleep. When I woke up I found the person over me, there was no time to reach for a weapon of any kind. I went berserk, defended myself, and eventually sent the person to prison. Because I was sleeping I had no idea how long the person had been in my apartment, had I owned a gun the person would have had time to find it and use it on me. This is something that self defense advocates do not consider, having their gun used to murder them. Also, the innate fight or flight in each person is grossly under rated. Furthermore, it is assumed that everyone is has the presence of mind and the skill to defend themself from a crazed gunman, even the police who are armed and trained have told me that is an extremely tricky situation from them. So if anyone had a gun when this event occurred it’s very likely that having a gun on their person would not have been of much use.

  2. Yeah, I'm a Texan says:

    Well, had everyone been armed, trained, and able to kill another human being, then that psycho would not have murdered as many people as he did.

    While her argument pretty much ignores the entire point of the 2nd Amendment, not everyone should be armed in the U.S. For instance, people with records of mental illness, past felonies, and toddlers. There are already laws prohibiting such people from owning/operating weapons, they just need to be enforced (and they are.)

    The actions of a few should not dictate the restrictions on the rest of us.

  3. eksith says:

    When guns are outlawed…
    People will use knives.

    When knives are outlawed…
    People will use clubs.

    When clubs are outlawed…
    They will return to pitchforks.

    Case in point, the UK has one of the highest stabbing rates of any country in the EU. It can’t be a coincidence that gun laws are far more strict there.

    The point remains, that whatever restrictions are placed upon any form of weapon, public usage will largely depend upon the individual. And no gun law has yet to prevent criminals from getting their hands on them.

    What applies to drugs applies to weapons as well. And as long as the motivation remains, guns will proliferate. Laws cannot prevent illegal posession of outlawed items.

    Don’t beleve me?
    Google up a bit and you will find instructions on how to manufacture an automatic weapon from plumbing parts!!. How do you defend yourself against a motivated criminal in such a circumstance? More importantly, can you?

    Gun laws are just a patch, a placebo, to cover up greater problems.

    The solution isn’t laws or regulation. It’s education, social reform, better healthcare (especially for the mentally disturbed) and the prevention of desperation brought on by any number of social ills that gives rise to crime. The least of which is hinged upon the availability of weapons.

    No law has yet to curtail human nature.

  4. virgomonkey says:

    The “right-to-lifers” are the most violent people in this country. Maybe not the most “criminal”, but the most violent.

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