The British government to scrap one Big Brother scheme…

…at least for now – though plans will go ahead at a later date.

It does seem odd that the reality of the economic downturn makes this government concentrate on what a government is for – getting the economy right rather than snooping on every phone call, email and website visit.

According to The Independent:

Whitehall sources confirmed last night that the plans would not be included in the Queen’s Speech on 3 December, in which the Government outlines its legislative programme for the next parliamentary year. Insisting they were committed to the scheme as a tool in the fight against crime and terrorism, they said a consultation paper early next year would set out options for collecting the information.

But this doesn’t mean that they will stop the pathetic ID scheme or any other snooping law that they can think of – what we now need to do is ask if the Tories and LibDems will not only stop any law like this – or if they would repeal these laws if they should be returned to office.

Of course those of us who are looking for that in their manifesto’s – if they are not there then it is only right that we bloggers give you readers the information you will need to get in touch with your prospective member of parliament.

The cost of this idiocy goes into the billions – billions that could be well spent on helping the poor, aged and those in need.

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0 Responses to The British government to scrap one Big Brother scheme…

  1. Stop it Now! says:

    I share your concern that the LibDems and the Conservatives have not made clear their views on whether these massive Big Brother programmes would be killed off and other civil liberty busting laws repealed if they get into power. The only thing we can do is, as you say, provide a place where the public can get the truth. Most widely read newspapers provide little or no feedback to their readers on what is a massive issue for the citizens of this country.

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