Mandelson makes hey with Directors as his baby dies

Mandy, as he was affectionately know by New Labour, almost completes his transition to the dark-side.

Lord Mandelson, widely regarded as one of the architects of New Labour, said in a speech to the Institute of Directors on Wednesday that some people had seen the measures taken by the government as a departure from its principles.

Interesting that he should be swigging his way through another meeting with well paid directors, one of whom would be the CEO of British Gas no doubt, but that would mean nothing to Peter Mandelson – why would it? New Labour is not the same party that was around before he, and some others, rebranded it – making it more like a Thatcherite party than a socialist one.

While BG and the like are still making vast profits – old people freeze!

Yet why would our dear Mandy care? As long as he can bring about a fourth term of government, and a legitimate win for Gordon Brown – old people freezing to death is a price that has to be paid.

A Department of Health spokeswoman also urged people to get the flu jab.

She added: “Cold weather and winter illnesses can have a very big impact on people’s health, but many winter deaths are preventable.”

“Get the flu jab and another blanket, love!” That is the advice given? What the hell happened to caring for the aged in the UK? Something ‘Old’ Labour would have done.

But alas – now that some idiots have attacked Bombay this ‘New’ Labour government can gently take their ID card scam back off the shelf, to Jacqui Smith’s glee and introduce it as soon as!

“Let them eat cake”, comes to mind.

But is the death of New Labour premature? I think it is – for such a vile thing to die, the British people have to make a choice, and they are not getting the chance for at least another six months.

He [Peter Mandelson] also said “New Labour is about more than just the top tax rate”.

It was about maintaining economic stability, boosting business confidence and “sustaining an enterprise culture”.

He added: “We also still stand for rewarding hard work and entrepreneurial risk. I reportedly once said that New Labour has no problem with people becoming very rich, as long as they pay their taxes.

“The New Labour principle still stands: we will only tax out of need, not out of envy or spite.”


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