It's the Bible – but not as you know it

I am not sure whether this image is the best to show the contents of magazine Bible Illuminated, but it certainly is a striking image.

And, is this the right way to get the word of the Bible out?

An interesting concept – bringing the Bible into the 21st century can only be a good thing, no?

Most people think of the Bible as a densely printed book with no pictures, but a version of the scripture that resembles a glossy coffee table magazine aims to change that. It’s part of a wave of radical presentations of the Bible, including a manga version and a Lego gospel. But how do Christians feel about these attempts to spread the word?

How the religious zealots will take it is up for grabs but a Manga Bible?

Well it is a very interesting concept indeed!

Bible Illuminated is the latest attempt to bring the Bible into the modern world. In the format of a 300-page glossy magazine, it contains the whole text of the New Testament in a popular translation, with no chapter or verse numbers.

The images are by turns beautiful, violent, oblique and provocative – much like the book itself.

The text “She will have a son, and you will name him Jesus” is illustrated with a veiled Muslim. One verse has a photo of a pair of knickers draped over high-heeled shoes, sending you back to the passage to find out what it’s really about.


382AD: Jerome commissioned to tackle Latin Vulgate translation
1382AD: Wyclif’s Bible, translations of Vulgate scripture into Middle English start to appear
1455AD: Gutenberg prints Bible using movable type
1522AD: Martin Luther translates New Testament into German
1526AD: Tyndale’s English New Testament printed


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0 Responses to It's the Bible – but not as you know it

  1. odette says:

    Finding new things to convey old scripture to modern curiosity. That’s nice!

    Although, I believe that our own lives can be the best glossy illuminated bible that other people can read. Real life, Real Story, Real God coming to life.

    When letters are transferred to our hearts and the teachings of God becomes our lifestyle then people would see solutions to so many problems and they shall see God working actively in our lives.

    I have Manga Bible… i enjoyed reading it…

    Please visit my blog :

  2. eksith says:

    Woah! New blog theme!

    The first one looks like a Gothic manga alright.

    Second one looks like a comic book adapatation of…
    Wait, is that Charlton Heston?

    These attempts will only end up preaching to the choir. And in some cases, offend the choir. Those who view religion as fiction will only find it easier to digest it as such. Those who view otherwise, will see it through the “divine lense” as they see most other things in life.

    This has great marketing value, but only as a curiosity and artistic appreciation in regard to the non-religious. This is not an effective vehicle for scripture in regard to proselytization if that was the creators’ intent.

  3. Will Rhodes says:

    LOL – ek – I wanted people to know how white it is outside my window.

  4. thebeadden says:

    It’s about time they got with the times! 🙂

    Now if only they could follow what they wrote… 🙂

  5. Will Rhodes says:

    I don’t know why that went into the mod queue. 😕

  6. thebeadden says:

    Sure, Will…

    J/K The same thing has been happening at my site for a few weeks now.

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