As it is the American Thanksgiving thing – CNN, does Turkey

I don’t know about you – but where the hell is Palin?

Here is the list for 2008, Spitzer came out on top – and that isn’t much of a surprise. But what is, is that Palin isn’t on that list at all. Even after her disastrous campaigning tactics – not enough people voted for her or people really have forgotten about her and she was “Oh yeah – her, I forgot!”?

The list includes Rudy the cross-dressing twat, but not Lieberman, he isn’t a cross-dresser but he is a twat.

Barack Obama is on it for the presidency seal that never was – now he definitely isn’t a twat.

Turkey No. 3: The financial crisis hits in mid-September, and John McCain declares, “The fundamentals of our economy are strong.” The Republican nominee makes a startling announcement a few days before the first debate. McCain says, “Tomorrow morning I’ll suspend my campaign and return to Washington.”

Why? To rescue a federal bailout package for the financial industry. McCain goes to Washington and what happens? His own party kills the rescue package.

Yep – you guessed it, a twat!

Turkey No. 5: Not politicians this time, but arrogant auto executives who come to Washington looking for a bailout. In their private jets.

“I’m going to ask the three executives here to raise their hands if they flew here commercial,” said Rep. Brad Sherman, D-California, adding “let the record show that no hand went up.”

The AIG insurance company does get an $85 billion federal bailout. Whereupon 70 of their executives reward themselves with a weeklong spa retreat. The cost? A cool $440,000.

Hmmm – shouldn’t that be 5 then 4 because there is two of them, or did they get equal votes?

Well, Thanksgiving isn’t the day to be pedantic – so I won’t be.

As you may have guessed – in England we don’t call these sorts, Turkey’s – just your common-a-garden twat, it just seems so much more apt.

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