As day breaks in India; O'Brien: This is a city that is paralyzed right now.

Causalities mount in a city under siege over night.

New is breaking all the time from Mumbai, India – there is speculation that this was a terrorist attack possibly related to Al Qaeda but still things are rather sketchy.

CNN correspondent Andrew Stevens was on assignment in Mumbai when the attacks began.

He talks with CNN’s Miles O’Brien about the scene on the ground.

Stevens: Miles, for the last three hours, this has been a city becoming increasingly in lockdown. We are still in the middle of an ongoing situation; we cannot say yet just how big the scale of this is.

There have been, as you say, multiple attacks on multiple targets.

At the moment, there is a hostage situation in both of these five-star hotels, the Taj Palace Hotel, which is probably the best-known hotel in Mumbai, and the Oberoi Hotel, which is only a five minute drive away from the Taj.

What we’ve been hearing and what I have heard from an eyewitness interviewed on local TV here, he said he was in the Taj when he saw two gunmen going down into the lobby where there were guests. They rounded up some 15 people, 15 hotel guests, he said they were asking anyone whether anyone had British and American passports. He said several were taken hostages.

At least seven high-profile locations were hit in India’s financial capital, including two luxury hotels where hostages are reported to be held.

A fire has destroyed part of the Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai’s most famous hotel, which is now ringed by troops.

Police said four suspected terrorists have been killed and nine arrested.

Commandos from India’s armed forces have now surrounded two hotels, the Taj Mahal Palace and the Oberoi Trident – where many hostages are believed to be.

The group who are claiming responsibility for the attacks are Deccan Mujahideen.

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