And you thought it was Canada

Top spot for pot

Named as the top pot producers, Mexico and Paraguay, are named and shamed(?).

The amount of weed coming out of these countries is vast! Can they make it into bio-fuel? If they could they would be banging rich.

While reports of the war on drugs in Mexico are common and well-documented, the fact that tiny, landlocked Paraguay is No. 2 in the world may surprise some.

Did me – I thought it was British Columbia! But hey – it’s good that Canada isn’t getting bad press in the place that is barren south of the border. You can see the flights being booked now – all the bongs in hand luggage and a new phrase book with “where is the hash, duude!?” in Spanish.

But most countries in South America, notably Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, cite Paraguay as the main source for the marijuana on their market, according to the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime.

And two of those countries — Brazil and Argentina — report an increase in marijuana use due to the ready availability of the crop coming from Paraguay.

That’s free trade isn’t it? SAFTA?

The reason marijuana is so abundant in Paraguay is simple, authorities there say: economics.

“Our reality is that we have large crops, large parcels of crops,” said Cesar Aquino, the head of Paraguay’s antidrug agency. “They don’t dedicate themselves to cultivating marijuana because they are narcotraffickers, but because of economic necessity. Compared to the price of a traditional crop, they can make 500 percent more with this.”


Why do you think they grow a certain kind of poppy in Afghanistan?

On a serious note – have these guys ever looked into how their countries came into being? You know – like why the Europeans colonised South America?

The U.N. report says marijuana cultivation remains concentrated in North America, where the largest producers are Mexico and the United States.

Mexico produced 7,400 metric tons, while the United States cultivated 4,700 metric tons, the U.N. report said.

Wait a second…if they know how much was produced – they must know how to weigh it so why aren’t the UN telling the DEA and Mexican authorities where the stuff is?

Is this the real reason the US Government dislike the UN so much – it is feeding the weed?

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0 Responses to And you thought it was Canada

  1. eksith says:

    The U.N. doesn’t have the fangs it used to.

    Or else they would have stopped the drug wars and prevented the Iraq invasion.

    And the #1 reason is that the most vocal, founding, member nations have adopted non-interventionist policies which have spilled over to the U.N. floor.

    I can understand how interventions can go horribly wrong, especially when executed poorly and on no credible intel, but there are times to reconsider that policy.

    Of course, this can all be circumvented if the drug were legal and taxed, just like alcohol.

    But that will never happen as can be seen in Netherlands where the legalization of “soft drugs” up to a “certain quantity” has gone terribly wrong. This, allegedly, “pragmatic” approach has been disastrous to the population. Drug lords drive around in broad daylight doing whatever they please. Crime, kidnapping, prostitution and dispair is rampant. Society and public offices have become corrupt and the government is about to fail.

    … Oh wait.

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