No One Likes to Vacuum

That may not be literally true, but you know what I mean.  Vacuums are loud, noisy things that create order out of chaos, that clean up what is dirty, that bring peace (at least peace of mind) where there was none before.  President-elect Obama is stepping in to vacuum the mess left by President Bush, even while the latter is still in office.  And the world is reacting with untold speed.

I wrote before that I believe the transition should be quicker, the President-elect not left with so much time and so little authority, especially when the current President has finally realized that the manner in which he has governed is the basis for so much of what ails us today.  President Bush has backed off, leaving the United States with a visionary captain with no authority, and an authorized captain without vision.  He is trying to allow his successor to fill the vacuum with half-steps and consultations.  He should just resign. But that would show too much judgement, too much good sense, too much “country first.”

And so President-elect Obama works quietly behind the scenes (emerging only to reassure the American public and the global community), prodding Congress, naming his team, proceeding about the business of building a working government in the shadows, ready to take office, to take the wheel, to plug in the vacuum on January 20 to clear out the cobwebs, clean up the dirt, and start making the country all shiny and clean, again.  I just hope the mess isn’t too big.

Obama rolls out economic team

Analysis:  Europe nervy about Obama’s plans

Obama will ‘do what’s necessary’ to fix economy, aides say


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