Merkel: Don't get rid of skilled workers, Brown: Raise the taxes on the highest paid

European leaders make frank statements

Britain and Germany are making in-roads to stave off the financial crisis with different strategies but both looking at what is to come in the future up-turn in both their and the EU economies.

There is a certain confidence that there will be an up-turn far quicker than is being speculated – which we must agree will be a good thing for the tax system of all concerned.

Merkel has told businesses not to lay off those staff who are skilled because the economy in Germany will need them.

Britain’s Chancellor, Alistair Darling, will give a Pre-Budget Report on Monday that will outline a reduction in sales taxes but an increase in higher paid income tax.

BBC political editor Nick Robinson said the move would break a Labour pledge held ever since Tony Blair came to power in the 1997 election.

He said sources suggested that after the next election a new 45% rate could apply to incomes above £150,000 a year.

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0 Responses to Merkel: Don't get rid of skilled workers, Brown: Raise the taxes on the highest paid

  1. nspu says:

    Why should people who earn more have to sacrifice almost half their wages? They already pay more tax than most other people, surely that is the point of have a percentage rather than a set wage? It is those who are successful or careful savers who constantly have to suffer!

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