At what age should a inept politician be retired?

Horses don’t get this kind of treatment – what if…Hazel Blears was relevant?

Communities Secretary Hazel Blears has said white working-class voters turn to the British National Party because they feel ignored by mainstream parties.


Mainstream parties? You mean like the very one that is in government now?

She now bleats about the BNP and who they are targeting, those who are poor, live on council estates and are, obviously, too thick to know how complicated government is and don’t understand that government isn’t working for them. I mean – whoop, Blears knows all!

Working-class people have been ignored since Thatcher was involved in any kind of politics, even Blair ignored them, Brown is doing that, too. Add to that Cameron AND to some extent, Nick Clegg.

So the BNP (British National(ist) Party) are coming in to say, “Look, mate – these dicks are just ignoring what you have to say and what your fears and aspirations are” – and some of those people are listening. Certainly not all – basically because working-class people are not as thick or ignorant as Blears would like people to believe.

She says other parties had to work to win back voters on “ignored” estates.

The minister made similar comments in 2006 after the far-right party made gains in the local elections.

That says more about the BNP than Nick Griffin could ever say – and he is a first class twat! If, and this is only a hope that I have, the BNP had a leader that had something upstairs rather than his racist crap – the BNP could make serious in-roads into local government. As he is a prize idiot they can’t – and Nazi Saluting him means, thankfully, nought!

This required a revival of local political culture, a significant shift of power from the centre to the community and politicians who look and sound like the people they represent, she writes.

Huh? You mean get anyone who looks and sounds as if they come from a council estate and lock up the vote? Rather than getting someone in who really understands what the hope and fear is? The woman is a moron!

It had employed a “cunning strategy” of “detoxification”, she says, and hit the streets with newsletters and petitions, and reached out to thousands via their website and blogs.

This is why Blears hates those of us who blog – we’re solicitous. She, on the other hand, is a dope!

“Estates that have been ignored for decades; voters taken for granted; local services that have failed; white working-class voters who feel politicians live on a different planet.”

And you have just offered the proof! If you want to listen to local voters, look at how many don’t vote in local elections – and you could try to get your PC crap out of local politics full stop – that would work wonders to heeling the BNP – but the mainstream parties are too stupid to do that.

[She] revealed support for the BNP was “tiny”.

“It is focused on a small number of specific areas such as Leicester and east London.

“And unlike during the 30s, modern British fascism does not enjoy any sympathy in the civil service, chattering classes or the media,” she writes.

I linked to Wiki because even Blears can understand Wiki – can’t she? Note that she uses the ‘Chattering Classes’ in a Liberal context – The Labour Party IS a Liberal concept that is, well was – it is a Conservative concept now, a party that is for the people.

With Blears commentating, The Labour Party has no chance in the next election – unless Cameron starts his Thatcherite crap.

Mr Clegg – you missed another chance!

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