Has hell frozen over?

I am living in a surreal world, no?

Microsoft, yes that company – is giving away free anti-virus etc. Didn’t they listen to people who said that their OneCare product would not be as good as Norton or McAfee?

Although I hate both Norton and McAfee with a passion OneCare will have to get past such things as AVG Free Edition and ZoneAlarm Free, and SpyBot Search & Destroy.

I think they should just get on with producing a really good OS that works and doesn’t shut the computer down because it uses too many resources. Watyathink?

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Blogging in the ether to see if that elusive literary agent or publisher wants some new talent.
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0 Responses to Has hell frozen over?

  1. eksith says:

    Will, add to that list Avast. They also have a free edition that’s pretty good and gets the job done. Although it does tend to be a wee bit resource hungry when scanning.

    The first time I was exposed to OneCare was when it was still in beta in ’05. I knew then this thing will never take off, because of its approach to AV protection is really stupid. They need to buy another company that did it right and plaster an MS label over it or forget the whole thing and move on.

    I’m on Vista right now and even though I don’t have as many complaints with it as some others, there are huge margins for improvement. And as a MS customer for several years, I feel I’ve been let down.

    I hope that improved OS is coming soon. Or I might end up with… *gasp*… a Mac!

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