Call me sexist if you want – but…

You may be able to fly the space shuttle – but a toolbox is a man thing.

OK, please take this as the joking post that it is meant to be – but I do know a few feminists who just won’t – because they don’t have a sense of humour.

But this did make me laugh:

Things didn’t go quite according to plan for astronaut Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper during her spacewalk outside the International Space Station on Tuesday.

First, a grease gun inside her tool bag leaked, coating everything inside with a film of lubricant. While she was trying to clean it up in the absence of gravity, the whole bag floated away.

Now I know that has happened to me – hence the joke thing!

Holding onto a grease-gun on Earth is bad enough – but in space?

The poor woman must have been as red as a beetroot up there. The think that make me laugh is the mental image of the bag floating away and the “Oh F**k!”

Mission controllers were also tracking the lost bag, which they say is floating well clear of the station and drifting further away.

See – they can track a lost tool bag way up there – but if you lose your car keys…

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5 Responses to Call me sexist if you want – but…

  1. Patient Teacher says:


  2. eksith says:

    She should have had that thing clipped to her belt or something. There’s no “floor” or “shelf” up there to put your tools down.

    There used to be this commercial on TV for a device that would sound off an alarm if you clap loudly.

    A bit like that lamp on off thingy, but this went on a keychain.

    Too bad there’s no atmosphere in space. Or you might be able to find your keys… In space.

    Does the shuttle have an ignition key?

  3. Greg Williams says:

    Will a NASA scientist think about the ‘what ifs’.? A velcro closure attached to the astronaut would have prevented this problem with a loss of equipment. If I can think of this maybe I should work for NASA since they don’t seem to be able to think out of the tool box.

  4. museditions says:

    Well, you invited it! “Sexist”. Seriously, it’s just unfortunate that this happened to a female, if it had to happen at all. When they get back; everyone to lube training! 🙂

  5. Quincy Huynh says:

    Thank you ever so for you blog.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

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