Erm, what, why? Bill Clinton could be a problem?

You have to be kidding!

Other than Barack Obama Bill Clinton must be the most vetted person in the whole of US history!

What are people going to say to the Obama team – “What him, he has had a few illicit affairs” – Not like anyone doesn’t know that – even in Outer Mongolia!

If Hillary Clinton accepted the job of Secretary of State what has Bill Clinton’s earning power got to do with anything at all? Nothing in my eyes. Christ – he is the ex-president of the United States, you think that he has sat back and not utilised being so? He has a Foundation that doles out a lot of cash. He also has a speaking tour – it so happens that he has spoken in the middle-east and China, well who hasn’t?

How the right-wing keep trying to control who Obama picks is a bit pathetic. Who he picks is up to him – and if he wants Hillary Clinton that sends out a far better message to me and others than Bill Clinton making a few million on a tour that people go to see him speak at.

If I were the wingnuts of this world I would learn how to use Google if I were they, it still seems that they can’t figure out how to type in the search box what you want to find.

Ex-Presidents make money – all they have to do is write a book, some others utilise being president by doing something proactive. Just like Bill Clinton has – so what is wrong with that?

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0 Responses to Erm, what, why? Bill Clinton could be a problem?

  1. Valerie Curl says:


    The problem is not Bill Clinton, per se. It’s the money his foundation brings in. Who, from what countries, has donated and how much? After all the influence peddling from lobbyists in this country, everyone is a bit skeptical that Bill just might cause more: Might some future donation be provided on the chance that he might influence his wife and U.S. foreign policy in favor of a donor?

    The best thing Bill could do for Hillary would be to offer to step aside as head of his foundation and not play any role in its management function. Moreover, he would have to forgo any speaker commitments to companies and organizations, other than perhaps schools, for the same reason.

  2. DJ says:

    She might be offered the Sec of State job, but her husband may present a problem. Okay I see. But this wasn’t going to be a problem if she had won the Dem nomination, instead of Obama, and been elected president?

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