When a President get what he wants before he is president…

…you must admit that it is impressive.

Even before Obama takes office in January his view that troops must be home in a fixed time line takes effect.

The agreement sets June 30, 2009, as the deadline for U.S. troops to withdraw from all Iraqi cities and towns, Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said.

The date for all troops to leave Iraq will be December 31, 2011, he said.

These dates are “set and fixed” and are “not subject to the circumstances on the ground,” he said.

I know that those negotiations were ongoing – but they only started once Obama was the Democrat candidate – Bush saw what was coming and I suppose can take his little bit of credit for getting something started.

But the Iraqis have said that they want to rule their own country which is a good thing – and most of all it means that the American troops will be home – and that is the best of all!

But not only that – for Obama, there will be no honeymoon, that is for sure.

Medvedev, in Washington for the G-20 economic summit, said he hoped to meet with President-elect Barack Obama soon.

I can imagine that Obama will be spending many days with foreign leaders. Many had lost hope about the US with Bush in power. Now there is a new hope among the world and its leaders – and Obama can bring about a certain diplomatic solution to the current missile crisis – and where those missiles are going to go, or not as the case is – as soon as he speaks with the Russian leader.

Looks good so far – and Obama isn’t even president yet!


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0 Responses to When a President get what he wants before he is president…

  1. leapsecond says:

    Imagine that! The troops are going to get out of Iraq and go to… Afghanistan!

    Sounds like more war to me.

  2. Oh are you talking about meeeee?
    You are sooooooooooo nice!

  3. Heavenly says:

    @leapesecond- you mean to go back to Afghanistan and finish the war we left behind before we went to Iraq and FOUGHT IN A TOTALLY NEW WAR THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11.

    The Iraq war was not the war that the American people stood behind. That was something that Bush felt that he could throw into the mix since we were already over there….why not got to Iraq too.

    Bush missed his chance to get Osama Bin Laden to go after Hussein.

    Now that Hussein is dead Bush seems like he doesn’t even care that Bin Laden is still out there……..Mmmmmm maybe that wasn’t the point in going to fight in the Middle East.

    Maybe Bush already got what he wanted.

  4. Matt says:


    Pent up anger, much? The American people did not take a stance one way or the other on the war: we have a representative democracy. You want someone to blame, blame your congressman or senator. Everyone made their decision based on what facts were presented to them at the time.

    Whatever you think, going to Afghanistan is going to be as pointless as Iraq. This is a job for small, tactical units and not large brigades. Either they find him or they don’t: the army, though, should stay home unless a sovereign nation attacks us.

  5. Heavenly says:

    @Matt- Mmmm maybe I do have some built up anger probably do to the fact I have family members fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan (some who were part of the military before 9/11 and signed up after).

    When I say that American people were behind the Afghanistan that means that they understood that something had to be done to send a message out in the world (mainly to terrorist) that we will not take any attacks laying down.

    But then to take our resource away from the REAL fight to go after someone (which Iraq was/is a sovereign nation even though we didn’t like them) and LIE to the American people that it was part of the war on terrorism.

    “Everyone made their decision based on what facts were presented to them at the time”- You mean the lies that Bush pushed to get his true agenda played out.

  6. Matt says:


    I’m glad to hear you have family serving and you should be very proud they are serving our great nation. God bless. I hope they are home soon.

  7. Jason says:

    Here is another “Story” that is obscuring the realities in Iraq and other “liberated” 3rd world countries. It is Propaganda – 500,000 children died as a result of the siege. Another 650K – 1 million Iraqi’s have died since then. Bush decided to invade Afghanistan 2 months before 911. At least 20,000 dead civilians in Afghanistan. Hamas has asked for a 10 year cease-fire. Israel has sworn the destruction of Palestine. Obama is brainwashed as well. We are not spreading Democracy abroad, we have OVERTHROWN 50 governments recently, including Democracies. The media does not speak for the public, especially CNN. If Iran is attacked, the executive branch has all the power to suspend the constitution. Journalists need to break their silence and start the new peristroyka. Since when has CNN printed a true story about the illegality of the war in Iraq and what we should be doing is paying reparations for all the damage we’ve inflicted?

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