Flat-Earthers and that Microsoft Vista thinghy!

Not as odd as it may seem!

Flat-Earthers are ignorant – well that is what comes to mind when you call someone a flat-earther. They really don’t want to understand that the world has moved on and we have simple things like televisions.

But, and not surprisingly, Microsoft are utilising the flat-earther in an advert to tell you have good Vista really is!

Our attitude towards those who once upon a time believed in the flatness of the earth is apparent in a new Microsoft advert.

Depicting an olden-days ship sailing on rough seas, presumably heading towards the “edge of the world”, the advert is part of a $300m campaign aimed at rescuing the reputation of Windows Vista by comparing its critics to flat-earthers.

But, as this BBC story asks, is there really anyone who believes that the Earth is really flat? – Yes is the answer:

Flat earth theory is still around. On the internet and in small meeting rooms in Britain and the US, flat earth believers get together to challenge the “conspiracy” that the Earth is round.

“People are definitely prejudiced against flat-earthers,” says John Davis, a flat earth theorist based in Tennessee, reacting to the new Microsoft commercial.

“Many use the term ‘flat-earther’ as a term of abuse, and with connotations that imply blind faith, ignorance or even anti-intellectualism.”


Mr Davis, a 25-year-old computer scientist originally from Canada (Oops!), Mr Davis now believes “the Earth is flat and horizontally infinite – it stretches horizontally forever”.

“And it is at least 9,000 kilometres deep”, he adds.

That’s deep, man! And infinite!?

So – if you don’t use Microsoft Windows Vista – you must be a flat-eather, NOW THAT is the way to get new customers, Mr Gates!

Or maybe not.

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0 Responses to Flat-Earthers and that Microsoft Vista thinghy!

  1. An American Liberal says:

    I am a computer professional and yeppers, Vista is a piece of crap.

    The new beta is slightly better, but it still has a long, LONG ways to go.

    As for people that believe the earth is flat, do we have their breeding under control? We need to control that level of “stupid” like toxic waste.

    An American Liberal

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