You HAVE to be kidding me! Palin as the future of the GOP?

Mind bogglingly stupid!

The GOP as anyone knows it is in collapse! And the rescuer is going to be the same person that put one of the final nails in the coffin?


I say, as a liberal, keep her front and centre – don’t allow her to go off the national scene. Palin talking about shoes and clothes and how the GOP took a high dump on her head – all is good and the approval ratings will go up.

But she has to bring together a party that is divided at its core! That isn’t going to come together behind a woman who loves the limelight – but hasn’t a clue as to what to do with it.

She is vindicating why she was picked. Nothing more really. At present the press and media are all for her and they will defend her from the attacks from those within the Republican camp. That is the honourable thing to do?


She is pushing for the leadership – that’s for sure. But why?

She came out of the last campaign relatively unscathed. All it takes is a nice person in the GOP to say “Sarah – you don’t have a cat in hells chance of winning!”

And all this before the new president has been inaugurated! It keeps the ratings up, I suppose.

But is anyone taking this seriously? Some are – especially the wingnuts!

The audasity of hope for the American people is that after eight years of Obama the American people may be done with neo-conservatism. The neocons won’t – they want power back – they want church to run state, and they are not going to give that up lightly.

But Palin!?

Palin sits down with Wolf Blitzer in an interview that will air on “The Situation Room,” starting at 4 p.m. ET. Palin also will appear on “Larry King Live” at 9 p.m. ET.

Palin also plans to give remarks Thursday about “Looking Toward the Future” at the Republican Governors Association annual conference in Miami, Florida, and she’s expected to hold a news conference later that day.

Her newfound openness with the media is a sign that she has her future in mind, analysts say.

Ahhh! Penny drops!

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0 Responses to You HAVE to be kidding me! Palin as the future of the GOP?

  1. Rachel says:

    Why can’t they get over Palin? Let her do her thing in Alaska. The press and everyone pestered Hillary into thinking she could walk in and be coronated and you see what happened? Leave things a lone. Many people do not like Palin she is not qualified.

  2. JohnRJ08 says:

    It’s a great indicator of where the Republican Party is headed. They screwed by insisting that Palin be put on the ticket, and now many of them think an even bigger screw-up would resolve the party’s problems. Allowing Palin to participate in the party’s future would be an out-sized screw-up. She desperately wants to be in the limelight of national politics and doesn’t really care what she has to say or do to achieve that. The idea that the RNC would let an evangelical creationist with zero knowledge of or interest in world affairs is too far-fetched even for the GOP. If she got involved, the party would be split right down the middle and never attract another intelligent, moderate conservative. And, in the absence of that expanding group, the Republican Party would never win another national election. So Palin can give all the interviews she wants. The RNC isn’t listening.

  3. VAH says:

    I don’t want to insult anyone as that is not my intentions, however, I think everyone agrees that Sarah Palin excited the base, but it takes only common sense to know that in order to win an presidential election you must do more than just excite your base. We know from common sense and the polls, that Sarah Palin just excites her base and for independents, democrats and people with no part affiliation, she does work. According to the polls, if they feel she does not have what it takes (take that for experience or intelligence) to be VP, how on earth do you think anyone would vote for her as President of the United States of America? Unfortunately, as with Dan Quayle, her reputation has been so tarnished, she does not stand a chance whether it be in 4 years, 8 years or 12 years. I am actually a democrat who did not like the way she carried on about her evangelical connections and in the same breathe attacked Obama mercilessly (which by the way did not work, but backfired) who is actually embarrassed for her because she is so obviously desperate to keep her name in the spotlight. I think she looks desperate and any moment, people, like me or going to get sick and tired of her and it will all backfire. Being a fair person, I recommend that she take a seat for a minute and keep her mouth shut and come back a little later will everything is tamped down. She has to remember, a lot of people, including republicans feel that she contributed to John McCain’s loss. She should not be early campaigning at this time and anyone that is telling her she should, must be a part of McCain’s campaigning team. We are about to have Palin overkill! Tell her to calm it down a minute, just let some time pass and try again. I give this advice without hesitance because I know her reputation (outside of the republican party) is no good because the democrats, SNL and the media will continually play back the Gibson interview and the interviews with Katie anytime she tries to make a serious political move, which will make her look worse than she already does.

  4. Molly says:

    She’s fast becoming the new “Omorosa”…the woman you love to hate. Palin is a neglectful mother after seeing those interviews of her at home. I really feel sorry for those little ones in her house. It is obvious by Palin’s inability to put together a coherent sentence that education for her, is also unimportant for her children.

  5. Yellowbird1 says:

    Palin lost because God wants her to stay home and take care of her children. Why can’t she get it through her thick skull? She said that God would decide who should be president. He did. Is she trying to second guess God? God made it clear to everyone except Sarah Palin that she is to stay in Alaska and take of the children He gave her to take care of for Him. She had better stop challenging God or she will be one sorry Alaskan.

  6. leapsecond says:

    There may be something good to come out of the Palin catastrophe: the GOP will realize that they need to cut back on the fundamental bullshit and become classic liberals in the vein of Jefferson and the rest of the Founding Fathers. It’s such a shame that no one truly represents the values that this country was founded on.

  7. JANIE says:

    I absolutely change the channel everytime they start to show her or start waffling along the words about Sarah Palin. Wolfe Blitzer kissing a lot of ass. Was this an interview?????

  8. JANIE says:

    I have to go back to what Molly said above, Sarah Palin is all about herself. Those kids looked neglected educationally, and the younger one had on 5inch heels, her advice to Michelle Obama was to let the girls invite kids over and have a good time at the White House, who in God’s name would take advice from this stumbling, bumbling idiot. GO THE HELL HOME SARAH PALIN

  9. David says:

    If she’s future, then GOP can kiss their @#$% goodbye. They follow her around because she looks good in front of a camera, but she’s really too stupid to even figure that out.

    She’s not the power in the GOP, hell I’m dem and know this, the media for some reason (her looks) play her up as if she’s smart, when the insiders in McCains party came out and verified what the world saw a true dumbass trying to bs us and nobody bought it , but if you wanted to run her in 2012, we’ll be glad to stay utill you find somebody, we’re in no rush

    Note:I truly expect the people of Alaska not to re-elect her

  10. An American Liberal says:

    Okay people, it is time to get off the Sarah Palin bashing train. While it was fun, at this point it is just too embarassing to continue.

    As to her becoming the next leader of the Republican Party, it just isn’t going to happen.

    For many Republicans, Palin represents their belief set stock, lock and barrel. It isn’t her looks people, its what she represents to these folks. She is the embodiment of all their ideas, and an attack on Palin is an attack on these beliefs.

    But on the bright side, these folks are good people. While I may not agree with their politics, or even their lifestyle, I do respect what they are trying to do, and you should too. If we want Palin to go away, we need to ignore her and allow this embattled group a chance to reconsider their choice. At the end of the day, Sarah will be just another footnote in history.

    An American Liberal

  11. Raj says:

    It would be an act of extreme folly on the part of Sarah Palin to harbor any thoughts of contesting for her party’s nomination for the 2012 presidential election. She must bide her time until 2016 when she would be still only 51 years but considerably more seasoned. George Bush has tarnished in every way possible the Republican Party’s standing with the public to such an extent that Barack Obama will have to try really hard to make himself unelectable for the second term in 2012. Even if he keeps playing golf with his buddies every day of the week or spends all his waking hours, in emulation of his presidential role model, Bill Clinton, in more pleasurable amorous pursuits in the Oval Office, the economic situation in the country will ceratinly improve from its present abysmal level even without any efforts on his part. His re-election for second term, therefore, is 100 per cent certain and Sarah Palin can bet her bottom dollar on it. She will do well not to throw away another and, probably, her last chance but try, instead, for a U S Senate seat and spend the next six years in hobnobbing with the Washington DC beltway crowd and learn something more about the other 49 states in the union. She must concentrate on honing up her admittedly meagre knowledge of various issues, both domestic and international and erase from the electorate’s mind, to the extent possible, the impression of being a superficial, dim-witted, un-informed ignoramus that she had created during her short stint as the vice-presidential candidate.

  12. Palin Power says:

    Palin will become President in 2012! It is GOD’s WORD and WILL because GOD HERSELF SAID SO! It is Palin’s DESTINY to fulfill GOD’s bidding because she is GOD’s CHOSEN ONE, GOD INCARNATE, and the LIVING EMBODIMENT OF GOD HERSELF! Palin is THE SUPREME BEING of AMERICA and will bring the country back to greatness and right-ness!

  13. torri bronson says:

    Palin was told she lost right? election is over? this ‘too little too late’ media blitz she’s on only makes her look more foolish than she already does. trying to offer up an explanation why the GOP was thumped and obviously she thinks it had nothing to do with her… wow. I’ve seen deluded egotistical morons in my day by this woman takes the prize. She really appears to be completely surprised that the country is not in love with her as much as she is. Her life on the campaign trail gave her a new reality I suppose – screaming cheering crowds that adore her and any nonsensical thing she has to say and she just doesn’t want to let that go. The true reality is she has a real job and a state to govern….she might want to get back to it and try to hang on to the position she has. (And good luck with that). ENOUGH of this fool…..move on!

  14. sandy valencour says:

    I am up to here with Palin. If she is homeschooling her kids, God pity them. If she doesn’t go back to school herself, she is a danger to all of us. She has proven to everyone she won’t listen to people. Obviously she has never watched Kati Curric in an interview or she would have never thought Kati would be “soft” on her. The woman speaks well, but is ignorant. She is pretty to look at but is stupid. She makes me ashamed to be a woman on the same planet as her. And she is totally dependent on her husbands words. Why didn’t he stay home and care for the kids, why drag those poor kids all over creation. She speaks of God. Does she have a clue to what God’s word is? She is a real shame and so is the GOP if they continue down this road. Lying and hating is the biggest sin and they helped her spew those lies around the country. She is so dumb she doesn’t realized she was the bad “cop” and Mccain was the good “cop”. They used her and she just wasn’t bright enough to figure things our and neither was her husband. So sad for American. Her ignorance of common knowledge things is pitiful

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