The face says it all!



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Blogging in the ether to see if that elusive literary agent or publisher wants some new talent.
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0 Responses to The face says it all!

  1. thebeadden says:

    Bastard? Don’t you mean bitch?

  2. An American Liberal says:

    I don’t really agree with this attack on Sarah. She is still a person with children, and this sort of thing is just tacky imho.

    She is already done. Let her defend herself from the campaign staff, and then go away to a long and happy life in the Alaskan wilderness.

    We are better than this, time to rise above our petty reprisals and get back to looking at the country and it’s problems.

    Just my two cents people.
    An American Liberal

  3. johnrj08 says:

    Watching these television journalists interviewing Palin makes one wonder what they really think of Palin. They all have mastered the English language and learned to speak in coherent, complete sentences, while Palin appears to be borderline illiterate. The more she talks, the clearer it gets that she doesn’t even qualify as an intellectual lightweight.

  4. Michael says:

    This is what happens when stupid people are voted into politics. This hair brain, called Obama everything but Hitler, baby killer, terrorist, and on and on and on. She is one sick puppy, get her sad ass back to the hillbillies where she belongs. I am so sick of this piece of dog meat that its got me turned off of CNN. If she shows her ugly ass on there again I will definitely switch to some other channel to watch and I’m sure I’m not the only one. This woman is a CANCER to politics, who the hell is running the State or does it need anyone, it appears not. Alaska start thinking to get her ugly face out of your State and politics in general. Tell her to look after her kids, especially the new born that needs lots of help to develop and get her teenage daughters to close their legs and stop banging all the boys in A laska.

  5. Fedupwithpalin says:

    Enough already!!!!! She can’t answer a question with one complete sentence! She will be an embarassment to the Repub party if she runs again. CAN ANYONE SEE HOW STUPID THIS ####$% IS?

  6. Will Rhodes says:


  7. thebeadden says:

    Did you know there was a road to nowhere?

    She’ll make a great leader some day. Don’t cha think?

  8. thebeadden says:

    @ an American Liberal. I know that was mean and unbecoming. Sometimes I can’t help being that way and I should be a better person than that.

    I would feel bad if it were directed my way, for sure. 😦

    I won’t promise you that I won’t do it again though. 😦

  9. Will Rhodes says:

    Did you know there was a road to nowhere?

    She’ll make a great leader some day. Don’t cha think?

    Yup, knew about that one, too, also, but don’tya, you betya, also…

  10. thebeadden says:

    🙂 Will.

  11. whybother says:

    The “attacks” on PALIN will continue for as long as she stuff her face in the media. It is not hard to tell that she cannot string a coherent, gramatically correct sentence. She does not answer questions which she is not prepped for, instead giving some incoherent, irrelevant rambling speech about something else. If the Republicans believe that she is the face and the future of the Republicans Party, then that is the cross they have to bear when they lose the next election again.

    She obviously have her eyes set firmly on the financial loot at the end of the rainbow should she (god forbid) wins another nomination. After all, according to her, if it is good for her, her family, the state and THE NATION, she will plow thru the door. One would have thought good for THE NATION should come before her, her family, etc… Remember how she spew at one of her campaigns that “for once, she wish Obama would put COUNTRY FIRST”.

    So it would be best if she put COUNTRY FIRST and go back to Alaska.

    After all, hasnt she got a wedding to plan & prepare for her daughter ? Or is that no longer necessary now that she is not the VP (there is a GOD after all).

  12. Matt says:

    Would you give it up already? Palin will never be in the national spotlight again. Sure she may run in the primary, but if she outperforms Dennis Kook-cinich I’ll be very surprised…

    Push Palin out of your mind and find a worthy blog topic. The longer you keep talking about her the longer she’ll be in the media…

  13. johnrj08 says:

    Palin is a worthy blog topic for one very important reason: there appear to be many people in this country who think she is the cat’s meow and would vote her into the Presidency right now if they had the chance. And Palin knows this. She saw it everyday at her rallies. She has a following. And, as long as she does, I think bloggers should be actively talking about what a fraud she is and how dangerous she would be to the country if she ever held national office. Even well-known Republican officials are afraid to speak candidly about her. Wolf Blitzer and Larry King handled her with kid gloves. There’s a reason for this.

  14. eksith says:

    Palin doesn’t deserve this.

    She doesn’t deserve any type of mention, treatment or acknowledgment at all. She’s an unremarkable politician of questionable intelligence and an unfortunate family life. If one should feel sympathy for that, then so be it.

    People are giving her far too long a rope and you know what she will do with that. It might be amusing to watch, but it’s pointless in the end.

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