Think of the children? What one shock jock thought – and said!

Why Political Correctness just won’t die.

Think of this; Charlie is sat, rocking backward and forward lazily staring out of the window of his room. The season is autumn – leaves of such vibrant colour, such a beautiful world is waiting for him – he is, the last one.

All the other children are gone – all happy that they were picked…The story can continue as you so wish.

But Charlie is still in the home for children because he is black. He cannot have any white foster parents, he cannot have any foster parents who are fat. The only foster parents that are left to take him smoke – so he can’t go to them either. He is the last child – alone in a home because a local council deems it not fit for the child to go to be fostered because those who could love him smoke.

In Britain you have to be of a certain physical aptitude, intelligence, fitness etc – on this day, the 11th of November we not only remember the men who fell in the great war – we remember those who fell in the second world war, too.

They fought 6 long years against such a tyrannical enemy who believed that you should be of a certain intelligence, certain fitness prowess, and have a certain physical aptitude.

I write this, not in support of his political ideology – but because he speaks out against political correctness. When I listened to his show I knew that my hackles would be up. I always thought that Jon Gaunt blamed us liberals unfairly. You see there is a lot of ‘us liberals’ that are just as annoyed as he; that political correctness is taking over the country – and killing it with a slow death.

Why would anyone listen to a show – and then complain about it? Why not just turn the program off. Especially with people like Jon – he is known to be abrasive!

He is one of the country’s most famous shock-jocks, notorious for his right-wing views, abrasive style and refusal to pull any punches in the fight against political correctness.

Why all the furore?

He called someone a Nazi! Is that so bad? He, Jon, didn’t grab the guy and beat him half to death – just called him a name. But why the name? It’s called context:

The Talksport radio presenter has been suspended after he called a Conservative councillor a “Nazi” and an “ignorant pig” during a debate, sparking listener complaints.

Remember Jon is a right-wing Conservative!

during his regular phone-in show on Friday. He was interviewing councillor Michael Stark, who was defending Redbridge Council’s decision to ban smokers from becoming foster parents.

Gaunt, who has strong feelings on the subject of child welfare, having spent his early teens in a care home, had written of his fury about the council’s decision in his column for The Sun newspaper. Published on Friday before the radio show, it too contained Nazi references.

He wrote: “This is the same warped logic that condemns black children to a life in care rather than let them be fostered by white couples. The same master race philosophy that forbids fat couples from adopting.

“The SS – that is social services by the way – think the risk from passive smoking is more dangerous to a child than them being left to rot in a children’s home.

“Today it’s Redbridge but, unless we all make a noise now, tomorrow it will be a national policy and thousands more children will fall victim to the health and safety Nazis and be left in a home alone.”

So the context is – Gaunt has been in a children’s home – he sees it from the kids point of view, not some feral bureaucrat who ‘thinks‘ he/she knows what is good for the child!

Well, from this liberal to the deluded right-wing ideologist, I support you! It is those who have had to live through children’s home scenario that should be heard. That then isn’t political correctness – that is being a little bit logical – which, somehow, has been lost in Britain – common-sense I think they used to call it.

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0 Responses to Think of the children? What one shock jock thought – and said!

  1. I was appalled at Redbridge Council’s politically correct ruling. I know something about children in care from a personal perspective and I can tell you something for nothing, a child wants to be in a caring and loving environment, they don’t care about whether or not their ‘foster’ parents smoke or not. I am sick and tired of these do-gooders, who know nothing of the people they claim to represent or support, they need to get out more.

    There is a shortage of foster parents at the moment, local government should be looking to encourage caring and supportive foster parents, not stigmatise those that smoke. I was so angry when I heard about Redbridge Council, I was moved to write a post on the subject:

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