So, why do we need so many closed circuit cameras?

Just something to think about.

In Britain – if you are planning to ever go there, you will find that you have your picture taken more times than the first contact with aliens, but why?

Well, it is all to do with crime and stopping it. This would be great if it actually did stop crime, but the latest figures are that the use of all these cameras actually stop about 3%. That, I would suspect, could be disputed.

Orwell's Britain

Orwell's Britain


“CCTV was originally seen as a preventative measure,” Neville told the Security Document World Conference in London. “Billions of pounds has been spent on kit, but no thought has gone into how the police are going to use the images and how they will be used in court. It’s been an utter fiasco: only 3% of crimes were solved by CCTV. There’s no fear of CCTV. Why don’t people fear it? [They think] the cameras are not working.”

Is this a matter, after spending billions of pounds of public money, the real reason for having all these cameras is about keeping the hight of fear, or paranoia, up rather than actually doing something about crime?

The fear of crime is far higher in the UK than it used to be – that is fear of crime not actually crime itself.

Orwell wasn’t as far off as he may have wished.

Big Brother – or is it a matter that these cameras would make you feel safer? I know one hell of a lot of people in the UK – and not one of them has said that they feel any safer – only spied upon.

Odd that, eh?

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0 Responses to So, why do we need so many closed circuit cameras?

  1. Stop it Now! says:

    The problem with spending public money, is very little effort goes into completing a cost/benefit analysis, then we end up with situations like this where we have 1 camera for every 14 inhabitants (4.2m) and no-one having a clue what to do with them.

    It is like all these wonderful databases they want to build, if you have too much information, you can never have the resources to monitor, review and action what you do get. They need to stop this scattergun approach to security and go back to targeted policing.

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