Reckless? Complete stupidity more like.

Three months on and the US and Britain realise they were wrong!

It isn’t surprising really. I, and a few other that I know who blog – said all those months ago that Georgia started the conflict between her and Russia.

But why has it taken so long?

The simple fact is that the west is still looking at Russia as the old Soviet Empire that was. Yes, Russia does want influence in the region – and why wouldn’t they? If youo know any Russian people you are going to get a person who will tell you as it is. Russians don’t flower stuff – they don’t look through rose-tinted glasses. It just isn’t in their make-up.

While the cold-war was on, Russia, believe it or not, looked at NATO and especially as the US as the evil empire. They saw that the US and NATO were expanding and they felt just as threatened by the west as the west felt threatened by the Soviet Union.

The truth is – as much as people would like it not to be Georgia knew that Russia is still mistrusted – and that the US and the UK would ‘stand-up’ for them. This is a problem with the world coming out of the extended cold-war scenario.

The world has changed – and even though I hate to say it, the changed happened further with the election of a new president of the US. This doesn’t mean that Obama will be weak – what it does mean is that he will look at both sides of any argument and see if for what it is.

Without re-running the election – Obama was criticised, almost ostracised for telling Georgia to have constraint. Just more proof to me that the US picked the right guy.

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0 Responses to Reckless? Complete stupidity more like.

  1. Valerie Curl says:

    Actually, the problem is the media. We no longer have investigative journalists or the “David Brinkley” kind of journalists who seek out the truth of any issue or problem. Not even CNN can hail that tradition amongst their news people.

    So, what we get as news consists of political sound bites and partisan hype.

    I actually learned the truth months ago of what you posted by reading European news and European bloggers.

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