Palin: I did go off script, and I, am, also running for the White House, also

Wake up America – the comedians have more material to work with – for another four years.


OK – everyone is trying to be nice to Palin – that is the only way she is going to go away – quite wrong I have to tell you.

She is saying that 2012 is a long way off and she will be on the phone to God as soon as He makes up His mind as to whether she should run or not. No – this is serious.

All those rallies of screaming fans – you know, the staged rallies where they ONLY bring in supporters, they have gone to her head.

Mrs Palin, who was accused of going rogue during the election campaign, admitted veering “off script”, but denied harming the Republican ticket.

She has been touted as a possible White House candidate in four years’ time.


Yeah, real!

In a wide-ranging interview with Fox News, the 44-year-old said: “I’m like, OK, God, if there is an open door for me somewhere, this is what I always pray, I’m like, don’t let me miss the open door. Show me where the open door is.”

Oh please, I am crying here – she can’t speak ffs!

Mrs Palin admitted occasionally not having toed the line during the campaign, but added: “If I went off script once in a while, I can’t for the life of me remember any one time where it would have harmed [Republican presidential nominee Sen John McCain], or the ticket.”

Say – no – more!

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0 Responses to Palin: I did go off script, and I, am, also running for the White House, also

  1. An American Liberal says:

    Could Dorothy please splash some water on this woman already?

    Actually, this is GREAT news for Democrats, but seriously, the GOP just let a pit bull loose on their own party.

    An American Liberal

  2. PiedType says:

    Oh please let ME show her the door!! Please, please!!!!

  3. Pangolin says:

    That lady isn’t a pit bull; we should by calling her Sarah, the hyena, Palin. The McCain-Palin campaign hasn’t been dead for a week and she’s digging up the rotten corpse and cracking the bones.

    At some point the citizens of Alaska are either going to be sick of the sight of her or sick of having people in the lower 48 ask them if they really think she’s the most qualified woman in the state. Do they really want everyone else thinking that they’re THAT dumb?

    Keep digging Sarah, it’s a nice hole you got there.

  4. leapsecond says:

    That open door will be to the Kremlin, where Sarah Palin can be Putin’s pitbull.

  5. pp says:

    First thing she should do in her long-range campaign is get a tutor in primary school geography!

  6. ellaella says:

    She doesn’t have interviews with Fox. She has infomercials. Blerg.

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