The challenge faced has never been greater

I give up…

I have said quite a few times that Obama is not the president yet – but that falls upon deaf eyes. It really is a case now that people are looking at Obama as the president and that he is calling the shots – he isn’t but…

The challenge that he faces going into office is, quite literally, immense!

Millions of people are now out of work in the US – trillions of dollars are being loaned and there isn’t any transparency as to where or to whom those loans are going to.

The American electorate knew the country was stuffed before last Tuesday – they feel it is even worse now. The US – can you imagine is tanking – just think of how bad it would have got if McCain had been elected.

All that is the downside – the upside is that those who voted for Obama are, in fact, optimistic about the future now that President-Elect Obama is carouselling around his new home.

So far, Obama seems to be meeting the public’s high expectations. Two-thirds of all Americans have a positive view of what he has done since he was elected president, and three-quarters think he will do a good job as president.

How could he do worse some will ask. Not wanting to go too far into the future – but we will only know that in about 2 to 4 years.

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0 Responses to The challenge faced has never been greater

  1. leapsecond says:

    Deaf ears, Will?

    And, yes, now that I think about it, it would be a disaster if McCain won.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    LOL – I haven’t added sound yet, Brett. That’s why I said (typed) deaf eyes – one of my nuances I suppose, lol.

  3. An American Liberal says:

    I was watching FOX and they are already judging Obama’s presidency?! They haven’t talked about Bush and his policies with any depth for a month or so.

  4. Will Rhodes says:

    AAL – I don’t think they (Fox) have ever discussed Bush’s policies, have they?

  5. thebeadden says:

    I don’t know what to think just yet. It really will be a waiting game. He will certainly have his hands full. If he manages any good, it will be an amazing feat!

    I hope people will remember just what a chaotic mess he walked into. You can’t just snap your fingers and make everything all better.

  6. Heavenly says:

    Obama is already being blamed for Bush’s policies. The media is not asking why Bush isn’t doing anything for the middle class, but they are asking if Obama will be able to keep his promises.

    Hello! why isn’t anyone questioning our current President what he will do before he leaves office.

    I so tried of hear their crap.

    Thanks you for being one of the sane ones. 😀

  7. leapsecond says:

    @ Heavenly: Because he’s only got 2 months left, and he’d be best advised to do nothing after all the destruction he’s wrought. And Obama has actually made promises, promises that will be hard (and I believe impossible) to keep.

    Like I said here, if Obama respects the limits of power imposed on the office of the presidency, then it’s a great step in the right direction after the abuses we’ve seen from Bush/Cheney.

  8. An American Liberal says:

    If fawning is considered in depth coverage, then omg, they have been studying Bush/Cheney for years.

    Seriously though, based on their talking points I see an attempt at rewriting a bit of history here. While CNN/MSNBC are hawking “Obama Moment” paraphernalia, Fox is trying to convince their rabid fans that current market conditions are all attributable to President-elect Obama.

    The audacity of the stupid never ceases to amaze me….

  9. Will Rhodes says:

    I’ve just been on one of my Facebook groups and one guy posted a link to Town Hall stipulating that Obama STILL has to produce his birth certificate – obviously the wingnuts are lacking in trust of the FBI, CIA etc, etc.

  10. An American Liberal says:

    A teacher of my daughter still believes that the birth certificate issue is a tangible subject.

    I guess the “dream” never dies for the Republican faithful.

    BTW, laughing at the views of your daughter’s teacher should not be done eyeball to eyeball. I thought about tazering her as a “cure” for insanity, but that would be wrong….

    An American Liberal

  11. pp says:

    A big furour in Australia at the moment over a leaked comment from a phone conversation btw Bush & Kevin Rudd (who is busy trying to back away from the leak). Apparently when talking about the upcoming G20 that Bush is hosting, Bush asked, ‘What’s the G20?’
    Has news over there picked this up? And they want to start picking over Obama?? I guess many people have got to the point where they’re not surprised by anything Bush does anymore & just want to sweep him under the mat!

    [Edit] PP. thanks for being the 5000th comment on this blog!

  12. pp says:

    Does that mean I get a free trip to Hawaii???
    No? Bummer!

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