It's official, Bush is worse than Nixon

Was there ever any doubt about that?

Some commentators are say that people should look at Congress as well, especially in the last two years – but why?

How can Congress do anything when all you have is Republicans filibustering – something they are going to try to do once more in this administration.

Add to that – anything that did come in front of Bush – he vetoed it.

It wasn’t Congress per sa, it was the Republican members of Congress and a Republican President.

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0 Responses to It's official, Bush is worse than Nixon

  1. you are dumb says:

    you really are dumb.

  2. leapsecond says:

    Both Congress and Bush suck.

  3. I promise: I will be better than Nixon!
    Oh, I am sooooooooooo excited being president!
    I just can’t waiiiiiiiiiit to get elected.
    Why does it have to be 4 years waiiiiting????

  4. An American Liberal says:

    I like to read blogs on both sides of the spectrum. There is still a reluctance by many on the Right to acknowledge, admit or even to believe that Bush has done anything but struggle against the evil Liberals. The low approval rating of Bush is constantly tossed aside as a gimmick of MSM.

    IMHO, people cling to their politics as if it were some sort of sports team. People seem oblivious to the fact that these people actually have a bearing on the success and failure of this country. It is all about the reds or the blues stomp kicking the other side.

    So, with regards to your post, yeppers the Republicans have screwed up pretty badly and for the most part they have been handed a defeat worthy of such incompetence for two election cycles in a row. The Democrats have an opportunity to lead this country toward solutions, but their effectiveness should not be assumed. We might have to tweak out some of the imbeciles who just don’t get it. Reid’s actions over the last week is a good example of a Dem that might need to be flushed out….

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