Freedom of the press belongs to those who own it

..and why you should be scared once the Government is the majority share holder.

Two emails I received, one from ‘Obama is a fascist’ (new take) and one from ‘I hate your communist views’ really made me think.

It made me think about you, those who are reading this blog. I actually began to wonder what it is you see. Do you see a fascist commentary, do you see me as a communist?

Two totally diametric views – yet I am one blogger among millions. Is it because this is a political blog? Is it because I have a liberal view, when some say that the vast majority of the worlds population is Conservative?

All that would be fine – but my view is a far cry away from those governments that wish to stifle free speech – here you can have free speech, just not hate speech.

The British government now want, not just to spy on you like no other time in history – they want the press, the so-called free media, banned from reporting certain things.

Now me – I am but one man, one person in the plethora of billions on this planet. The Journalist is the same – just more qualified so is employed by a media group or newspaper.

While reading that article you will see that the excuse for this banning of reporting is that the media leaked something that wasn’t supposed to be leaked – or indeed reported until after the event.

But – there is no proof that the media leaked it – other were involved, but you don’t get a call for the police to stop policing, do you?

Whether you think me fascist, communist – I do not mind. But before turning your gaze on one blogger among millions, turn to look at the government who controls the lives of millions – and you will begin to see what I see.

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0 Responses to Freedom of the press belongs to those who own it

  1. jonolan says:

    Those two opinions of you – Fascist and Communist – are not necessarily completely at odds with each other. Fascism is an attitude, not a socio-economic form.

    You might well exhibit Fascist tendencies while espousing a Socialist political and economic agenda; Hitler managed that feat quite well.

    As for the proposed censorship, I’m in favor of it, but do fear it will set a bad precedence. The media should NOT be allowed to report on matters of national security until after the fact.

  2. PiedType says:

    I’m not one to slap labels on people.

    If it’s a matter of national security, how the hell does the press know about it!? Sounds like a security issue to me, not a free press thing.

  3. Mike says:

    Unfortunately, it’s always been an easy matter for governments to control media. Even here in the US, opposing views are trashed by the Party In Power.

    Silencing of the media due to security concerns should alarm the citizens. It says, “We the Government know what’s best in all cases. You have no choice but to comply.”

    That’s where Fascism starts, and liberty dies.

    The British government can’t keep it’s own citizens’ NHS data safe, it’s own Red Box secrets secret, and now it wants to punish the media? What’s wrong with this picture?

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