As some in the UK call for Britain's Obama – meet Britain's McCain

You can take a horse to water and you can’t make him drink – especially from the font of new ideas.

We know, we have lived it, so we know that a liberal is now the President-elect of the USA. Well hurrah!

But as I blogged about Britain, or Briton’s calling for their own Barack Obama, we are, in the sense of Britain at least – looking at the man’s colour. This is exactly what he did not want in his presidential campaign.

Barack Obama did NOT want to be elected because he was black, African-American, or any other way you want to put it. He wanted to be elected on the issues and the policies he stood for. And you know what – that is exactly why the American voters voted for him.

So while I criticise those who just want a Barack Obama for Britain – because of his colour – I have to compliment those who want a Barack Obama for Britain for his policies. But that is the odd thing – If Obama were British – he would be seen as a Conservative, certainly not a Liberal in UK terms – way off the mark there.

A Barack Obama for Britain would be a very left-wing politician, and Britain still is not ready for that, not because of colour but because of policy.

But all that Blah, Blah means nought – who is Britain’s John McCain?

David Cameron!

David Cameron and his Tory party is the new, fresh face of Thatcherism. David Cameron is locked into that theory that even now, as Thatcherite policies have been blown out of the water and proved wrong – Cameron still wants to give them another try.

Tony Blair came to power saying that he had a third way – and the British people believed him – which, after twice in office it was proven wrong to do so, as said by a blogging friend, Stoney. Beware what you ask for. I knew then, as I know now that Britain needed change – to get away from Thatcherite policy, Tony Blair brought Thatcherism into the Labour party. And I dislike him for that. Blair brought about this new world on British politics, one of saying one thing and, literally, meaning another.

But why Is Cameron so wrong for the UK?

He said his party’s “responsible” plans to freeze council tax, raise inheritance tax thresholds and help small businesses with VAT bills “won’t need an extra borrowing splurge”.

Sound familiar? That was the mantra that McCain screamed while on the trail. ‘Bring down local taxes, bring down the tax on goods, bring down the tax on [add whatever you wish here], bring down the tax on small business’ – all we need now id for Cameron to end a speech with ” I am British and we FIGHT, FIGHT for the UK – etc”.

The Conservatives in Britain are all for business, not necessity all business – certainly not start-ups and getting investment to small businesses that can give a new outlook tot he British economy – but big, over-clunky business that have vast profits of which they pay very little taxation.

Cameron, like McCain, wants the poorer and working/middle-class to pay, yes less tax, but not less than big business. He is and has bought into the idea that the wealth will trickle down – which it never does! When will Conservatives get that through their thick skulls?

Asked about the issue on BBC One’s Politics Show, Liam Fox, said the Conservative view of tax cuts was in “stark contrast” to the government’s.

“I think most people watching your programme will think to keep spending now and pass the debt onto the next generation is not a responsible thing to do.”

Again, the same mantra as John McCain – the Tories will call for a complete spending freeze next!

I agree that small business is the big job booster. I agree that more jobs are made when small business can get up and running. But in Britain, like the US – small businesses are not allowed to get going – especially with new ideas.

Britain, like the US should be investing – even government money, yes tax payers money – in new industries. New industries that can be producing a result of profit AND Jobs.

Britain has many, many innovative people who just want the chance to get going. But the banks won’t loan them the money, big business spoils any chance of that by having a hold on banks.

Just like Obama said on the trail – we need jobs that cannot be out-sourced, car built in the UK, wind, tide etc – all this can be done. Just look at Britain, that Isle sat there will so much water and so much wind – and yet very little is going into the investment needed. But – that is a long-term investment and one that is needed in smaller companies to get it all going.

I just can’t see British Gas giving up its crown – just yet, can you Mr Cameron or Mr Brown?

Can Nick Clegg be Britain’s Obama? We will see.

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  1. Is there also a sister of me in the United Britain?

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    Jacqui Smith, Sarah – she’s a dunce as well. 😉

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