After A Two Year Long Campaign, Now What?

In the summer of 2006 I had made plans to visit with a friend of mine in North Carolina. We juggled our complicated schedules and made time for one another. However, it was right afterward I received an invitation to a dinner party with Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I was torn between loyalty to my friend and going to the dinner party to personally ask Barack Obama to run for president. It was not an easy decision to make, but I decided to see my friend. Campaigns are fleeting events, but this friend will be my friend until we part this earth.

It is more than two years later, exploratory committees have come and gone, the primaries have come and gone, the conventions are over, along with a bitter campaign, even the election is over, with Barack Obama becoming President Elect. Now the hard reality for many is that there are no polls to keep track of, no more campaigns to follow, no more anticipation; Barack Obama is a president in waiting and over the next two and a half months the world will watch him set up his cabinet and go through a peaceful transition of power with President Bush. I write this as a reminder to myself and to the world that we may be going through is withdrawal of the two year campaign, especially when I see world leaders react to the new president elect and reactions from every other corner analyzing every single breath he takes. Barack Obama is still not president until that day arrives in January. This is a post election hangover and the most we can do is watch, wait, and get on with our lives.

What to do until that cold day in January arrives. I have thought about it and immediately made plans to visit with my friend of the summer of 2006. We will not see each other until early December, but we will still visit with one another. Then I began thinking about making preparations for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. Maybe this year I will fly home to see my aging parents for Christmas. However, while I was trolling the internet this morning looking for the next big thing to write about I came across an article about hiking trails in Oregon and I began to think about my vacation for next year and the places I would like to go to. The list is long, too long to enumerate, but some of the places I would like to visit include Machu Picchu, and Florence, Italy. There is a world out there to see, many things to do, and a lot of living left to do. In this a post election era, we need to remind ourselves of this. I am planning my next vacation.

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0 Responses to After A Two Year Long Campaign, Now What?

  1. Hans says:

    Oswald West State Park is pretty sweet on the Oregon coast. Nice sheltered bay where a lot of people surf, a short hike in and lots of really big trees. Not a big fan myself of the Oregon coast, having lived in Portland for 5 years, where the rain blows upward (at the coast), but heck I’m more of a mountain guy than ocean.

    machu picchu of coast an amazing place to visit, do the Inca Trail about 30-40 miles of hiking to get into the park, although since I was there, you now have to go with a guided tour 😦 but they carry all the food and supplies, and you’ll be astonished to see the porters hike in some sweet sandals made out of truck tires and carry propane tanks larger than that on your grill!

  2. Lisa Damian says:

    Travel helps to create those memories that last a lifetime. As far as the U.S. is concerned, I would definitely recommend my old hometown, San Francisco. In addition to the sites that SF has to offer, there are so many activities just a short drive away — snow skiing in Lake Tahoe, wine tasting in Napa or Sonoma, scuba diving in Monterey, and hiking in Yosemite.

    Boston also has a lot to offer, both in terms of U.S. history and things to do. The New England autumn colors just can’t be beat.

    As far as international travels, I’ve enjoyed Australia — scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, enjoying the cities of Sydney and Melbourne, driving along the scenic Great Ocean Road, camping out in the bush, hiking through the rainforest, and horseback riding in the Outback.

    There is so much to do in Europe, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I love the German Christmas markets, the canals and museums in Amsterdam, the scenic landscapes in Switzerland, driving through the south of France and Belgium in the summer when all the sunflower fields are in bloom… The list is endless. I’ve yet to see Italy or Spain. They’re on my travel wish list.

    Then of course, there’s China with its modern cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, nestled within the broader scope of an ancient civilization and the vast rural landscape.

    I also love hiking in the Canadian Rockies, particularly around Lake O’Hara. South America is one area I’d like to see more of. Gee, this is turning into a long comment… Perhaps I should post about this topic on my own blog. I love the blogging about travel!

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