Why the lunatics really are running the asylum.

There are times when I sometimes shrug my shoulders and look blankly into space – there are other times when I shout at the computer screen.

OK – I will start off this post with this, it is an easy thing to say, not hard – easy as as my youngest homework (Thanks to Desperate Housewives for that line):

David Cameron is an idiot!

Now why would I say that?

Simply put – he, like so many other Conservatives live on the coat-tails of Thatcher. For some God forbidden reason they look back to her tenure in power as something that was good. She was a first-class bastard – and people still realise this. Many, and this is where I scream, are still alive who lived through her being in office. Once again the Tories look to her failed policy as the way out for Britain.

If you want to lose an election – mention Thatcher – your gone for another five years. David, people STILL hate Thatcher. And now you have given me the open door to remind folks of this – I will do it all through the next election.

She was good for banks, those that the British tax payer and now bailing out. Her policy led to the banks failure all these years later.

She was good for de-regulation – can you get my drift?

She was good for selling off British Gas, people are now energy poor in the UK – Thatcher did that, too.

Quite – the Labour government followed on with those policies – but they are a bunch of idiots as well – look up Jacqui Smith for proof of that.

So what is Cameron gunna do, init?

Mr Letwin added: “My great hope is that our policies will be virtually complete by the middle or the end of next year and that they will stand the test of time ā€“ not just in a Conservative government but, like the free market revolution in the 1980s, become a lasting new consensus. I really feel we are in the vanguard of something that becomes the accepted wisdom in Britain.”

Letwin is another dick!

Tomorrow, Mr Grayling will highlight the rich-poor divide in many of Britain’s cities. “We have local areas of extreme deprivation and social alienation from which few people escape. It’s as if there are glass walls around them ā€“ a parallel culture existing alongside all of us in our daily lives,” he will say.

Yeah – you’re not wrong there!

And you propose that charities have a bigger role in running the NHS – you now have charities having a bigger role in running civic programs.

Where is that wall I need to bang my head on!?

The Tory high command hopes that the party’s new “bottom-up” approach will prove as seismic a change as the economic reforms introduced by Baroness Thatcher and largely accepted by Labour.

Say no more!

What the Tories and Labour fail to realise at each given opportunity is this – people want jobs.

No, honestly – those kids you see practising taking pot-shots at Cameron – they want a job. Not a job in Maccy D’s, a job that brings home some good money and has a status to it. Not a job that is a minimum wage job – something that they can be proud of.

Cameron’s Tories, Brown’s Labour all forget one simple, simple thing – Thatcher decimated manufacturing industry in the UK. She decimated the mines – the steel works – that is her legacy. Believe me – we wouldn’t be in this mess now if it wasn’t for Thatcher.

And Cameron wants to go back to her – then go, and take those other idiots with you.

If you want to help the public ill – get manufacturing back into the UK. It really is as simple as that!

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0 Responses to Why the lunatics really are running the asylum.

  1. An American Liberal says:

    I think George W. Bush was really the secret love child of Thatcher.

    Just my way of throwing some Americanism into your UK rant. šŸ™‚

    An American Liberal

  2. Relugus says:

    Manufacturing is the engine of any stable economy.

    If you base your economy on banking and the City, you will just have boom and bust.

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