Slash, slash, slash away!

McCain blames Palin, Palin is out in the cold, Conservatives blame anyone but themselves.

The knives are out!

When an election defeat comes as this one does – Conservatives have to blame someone – anyone, but, of course, not themselves.

It was moderates who done it!

Well that is what they are saying at this moment in time. They even preach that if we were all Reaganites all would be well – I do snigger at that one. Reagan – the man who grew government to huge proportions – but also gave the neocons their place in society. Blugh!

They spin Reagan as if her was some kind of god! Look at his record – read it, see what he actually did – very little in the grand scheme of things. He was the US’ Thatcher – so I say no more.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council told CNN that conservatives need to take back control of the GOP if the party is to return to its winning ways.

“Moderates never beat conservatives. We’ve seen that in past elections,” he said.

What happened on Tuesday, then? Was it a mirage? Didn’t the so called left of left winger win? Even though we really know that Obama is a moderate – the neocons cannot admit that they lost to a moderate, a neocon has been in power for 8 years, and destroyed the US economy – and Tony Perkins goes on about moderates – I do wish they knew how stupid they sound.

Of course the neocons will turn their gaze toward, not Palin, but McCain – he will be the one who really lost them the election. What these neocons seem to forget – as McCain aptly put it “They didn’t allow you (the electorate) to choose”. The electorate chose Barack Obama – and not out of fear, but out of hope. A very Christian thing to do – but we do know that neocons are not Christians – God knows what they are but I for one do not.

“There was clearly no mandate to shift the country to the left on social issues,” Perkins said. “What Tuesday was, was a fact that people wanted change, and it’s a rejection of a moderate view.”


I know, how about this? Tony Perkins should run for elected office? He should be the one to become leader of the GOP – I am sure the American people would thank him for it.

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0 Responses to Slash, slash, slash away!

  1. leapsecond says:

    Tony Perkins is a moron. I don’t know why CNN even talks to him – he’s just a partisan hack. (I mean, seriously, anyone who works for a group called the Family Research Council is automatically a neo-con, Fundamentlaist wackjob)

    And Moderates never beat conservatives, Tony? Then why was Ron Paul beaten by McCain?

  2. An American Liberal says:

    Bravo! Tony Perkins is a genius!!!! I personally applaud CNN for allowing this brilliant man and his fine fine organization to give their views to the American people.

    And if liberals would pull their heads out of the backsides, they would continue to allow the rope to flow unfettered. I mean, there is still another election in 2010, and then 2012. IMHO the longer the neocons are left clueless the better.

    So, please STFU and let these idiots run amuck. Better yet, pop some popcorn and sit down to a good chuckle with Fox News. Come on, its like having front row seats at a viewing of an American insane asylum; who doesn’t think that is GREAT entertainment?!

    An American Liberal

  3. PiedType says:

    Perkins or Palin — who can dig the deepest hole? Beats me, but let’s watch, shall we? This could be fun.

  4. pp says:

    From article on
    ‘Newsweek also reports that the Secret Service told Barack Obama’s campaign there was a “sharp and disturbing” increase in threats directed at the US president-elect in September.

    It was around the same time Mrs Palin started accusing him of “palling around with terrorists” over his past association with 1960s radical Bill Ayers.

    Senator Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama, was shaken by the rowdy Palin crowds, according to Newsweek, and an Obama adviser said the future First Lady had asked: “Why would they try to make people hate us?” ‘

    Sarah Palin deserves all she gets!

  5. Will Rhodes says:

    Sarah Palin deserves all she gets!

    I could not, couldn’t agree more!

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