For the love of Christ – get this woman off the TV!

Now that McCain is blaming Palin for his historic loss – the Palin supporters come out in droves!

When you read articles like this it give you the impression that we who watched this election from start to finish – were actually watching something akin to Monty Python.

WASILLA, Alaska (CNN) — In a year when Alaska celebrates 50 years of statehood, it can be argued that our state finally joined the union August 29, 2008, when Gov. Sarah Palin was nominated by Sen. John McCain as his vice presidential running mate.

No – it joined 50 years ago – just because you had a pig-ignorant dweeb as VP pick makes no difference whatsoever! Duh!

In the harsh light of that scrutiny, we learned a few things about our governor.

You did certainly learn something – well a lot, actually – you learned what you had chosen for Governor! When is she up for re-election? She may be re-elected, but you can bet all the stuff that is in the News archives will come out and you will see it first hand. May be the GOP will put one of their own up against her – that would be interesting.

Her popularity before being launched on the national stage was more than 80 percent; today, her popularity in the state ranges between 64 and 68 percent, figures enviable to most politicians in America. Even so, she will have some political fences to mend on the home front.

Oh – you mean that Alaskans were watching the election coverage as well? Seems so, to drop almost 20 points is a little bad. I wonder if her socialist policies will be brought up while she is back there? Hmmmm

Putting a muzzle and straitjacket on her and then scripting her so tightly that she came across as foolish was a “colossal blunder,” according to one of Palin’s closest aides. Her national poll numbers grew increasingly negative.

Because she was seen to be who she really is – a nice homely person who knew nothing about the world outside of Alaska. Those of us who scratched our combined heads and said, “Who?” soon found out who she was, what she stood for and began to get scared!

Why, oh why did John McCain pick her – will anyone ever tell us? We surmised, guessed, groped for an answer – but it was as forthcoming – nope, it was ketp as much a secret as John McCain’s plan for the economy!

As for 2012, if Palin chooses to run for the presidency, she will now know just how intensely personal and ugly a campaign can get. She will have the traction of being a household name. She will have more experience. And perhaps most important, she’ll be running for office on her own terms.

Oh please, please, please have Palin as the nominee – but first, I would sugesst she get through the Republican primaries.

Some thought this was a rough ride, now that I can wait for – and blog with glee at how she is un-scripted in that one!

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0 Responses to For the love of Christ – get this woman off the TV!

  1. An American Liberal says:

    If Palin runs for President, I will personally become a Republican to help her through the Primaries! You BETCHA! WINK! WINK!

    How in the heck do you join the Republican party? I might head over to the local cemetary and ask my busy little ACORN voter registrar. Plucky little lads are still getting “new” voters!

    Anyhow, if she somehow should make it to the RNC convention as the candidate (crosses fingers), who do you think will be her VP pick? I’m smelling nepotism! Could Todd be picked?! Hope Hope Hope!

    Something tells me I’m going to need more blue ink for those electoral maps I keep printing out.

    Darth Palin/Palin ’12!


    An American Liberal

  2. eksith says:

    Few things in the world are more frightening than blind allegiance. Especially true when Palin was just a few steps away from vice presidency and, potentially, the presidency.

    A few of Matt Damon’s critiques of Palin come to mind that apply equally well to her.

  3. leapsecond says:

    Will: Note that it wasn’t Palin writing that article, but a CNN reporter: a true testament to their quality of infotainment that they vomit every day over the airwaves and on the internet.

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